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Heal your Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism
Manage your Multiple Sclerosis
Calm your Chronic Fatigue
Alleviate your Autoimmunity

Using our signature method we work to transform your life with autoimmune disease. Looking to take a holistic 360˚whole body, evidence based approach to your illness, rooted in the latest science? Transform with our functional medicine & nutritional medicine packages for a life Chronically Well.

The autoimmune journey is different for everyone but generally a long road lies ahead. At Goode Health we focus on fully supporting you though this and teaching you to take back control of your body and learn to manage your health again, so that you live chronically well.

So whether you are just starting your journey with autoimmunity, or you are fed up of being passed around different practitioners, now is the time to consolidate your care with one of our personalised fully supported packages. 

The Ultimate in Personalised Healthcare

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Welcome to TRANSFORM 
with The Goode Health Method

For those who are ready to dig deep into the root causes & underlying imbalances  of your autoimmunity & look to the future.


Heal your

Manage your
Multiple Sclerosis

Calm your
Chronic Fatigue

Alleviate your

Who is it for?

  • Those diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis

  • Those diagnosed Hypothyroid

  • Those suspected of having Hashimoto's

  • Those with CFS or ME

  • Those with post viral fatigue

  • Those diagnosed with MS,

  • Those diagnosed with CIS or TM

  • Those on the journey to MS diagnosis

  • Those diagnosed with any autoimmune disease

How can the GH Method help?

We use our signature method to help you live well with autoimmunity.

We use scientific evidence based research across the 6 pillars of The Goode Health Method to help you get your body to optimum health.

We use functional medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle medicine to help you transform and live a life chronically well.

We take a holistic 360˚ approach to your healthcare to look across body systems and find connections that would otherwise be missed.

Just a sample of the things we look at when we work to find underlying imbalances and root causes; we look at the pathways in your body, inflammation, hormone balance, chemical toxicity, pathogens and low lying infection, mould toxicity, gut health, immune tolerance, blood sugar balance, food triggers, mitochondrial function, brain health, oxidative stress, antioxidants and more. 

What's included?

To get started...

  • Review of your case notes and medical history prior to your initial consultation

  • Comprehensive initial consultation with full functional medicine health evaluation

  • Testing package: 
    Heal your Hashi's package
    Manage your MS package
    Calm your CFS package or 
    Alleviate your AI package

Learn more about testing

Appointment's & support

  • 6 months of support

  • 2 one-to-one sessions/month via video call 

  • 3 x 30 min support calls to use as you need

  • Private chat and voice note support between appointments

  • Research on your case (approx 4 hrs) outside of each appointment

  • Direct contact with your GP and/or consultant where required for any NHS testing, or to consolidate your care

Following each appt...

  • Personalised nutrition plans

  • Personalised supplement plans

  • Lifestyle & mindset coaching with personalised plans

  • Recipes and meal plans

  • Access to a toolkit to help you implement the changes and self manage your condition

  • Personalised management plan following your final appointment

  • 10% discount on supplements ordered

BONUS: Access to The Goode Health membership for 6 months.

BONUS:Access to the Chronically Well course upon it's release

NEW: Personal chef option available for dinner, or dinner & lunch 

Learn more about your personal chef
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I'm Ready to Transform

The 6 Pillars of The GH Method.

Therapy Session

Functional Assessment

We assess your entire medical history & current health with a functional assessment.

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Functional Medicine

Deep dive into the underlying imbalances & triggers of your autoimmunity.

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Nutritional Medicine

Uses evidence based scientific facts to personalise your nutritional care.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle factors play a huge role in our 360˚ whole body approach at Goode Health.

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Gut Health Programme

We use a functional approach to healing the gut & balancing the immune system.

Wellness Coach

Self Management

We want you to take back control of your health & manage your care.

It can be daunting starting something new, especially when it is in relation to your health and you have already been through so much. Here you will find out how the next steps work.

Submit Application

Hit the link below to choose a call time for your free clarity call and fill out and submit your application form to work with Nicole here at Goode Health. This should only take a few minutes to complete.

In order for your FREE call to be confirmed you are required to submit an application form.

Clarity Call

You will have a 10 minute phone call with either Nicole or a member of our team.

During this call we will ask you a few questions to assess your case and your goals this allows us to evaluate your needs.

If successful we will offer you a purpose call, alternatively we will offer you a referral that better suits your case.

Purpose Call

If successful on the clarity call you will be offered a 30-45min purpose call with Nicole.

This call will be to further dig deep into your case and the results you are hoping to achieve, ask any questions you have.


Nicole will then discuss the best route forwards for you and which programme would be best suited to you 

Get Started

Once you have chosen your programme a member of our team will be in touch to onboard you and get your started.

Depending on your chosen programme you may be welcomed into a group or private chat, given access to an online course, sent a functional medicine intake form, or be contacted to organise your testing.


Your first appointment will be booked in and we look forward to seeing you in clinic. 

To Find Out More & To Book a Package...

If you would like to find out more about working with Goode Health you need to apply below. You are not committing to anything by applying, you are simply giving us more information on your case so that we can help you decide if our packages would be the right fit for you. 

Winter Outfit


Due to the complexity of autoimmune disease and unexplained cases 

Nicole works with a very limited number of 1-1 cases per year. 

This is to allow for the hours of work involved in each case outside of clinic time and to offer each of you the time and quality of care you deserve. 

  • Current availability 2 spots starting in September

Please note people do book ahead so if you have a start date in mind please do let us know. 

Spaces may on occasion come available, but this is rare. If you would like an earlier start date do let us know at the time of booking and if a space becomes available we can let you know. 

Kind Words

I now feel more positive and confident that there are things I can do that can make a difference. Working with Nicole was great. I felt confident that she understood my motivation for seeking guidance, but she still took the time to really get to grips with my personal situation. It felt very tailored and was not a "one size fits all" approach. To me, one of the most important factors in working with someone in this context is that they are kind. Nicole exudes this. It is clear that she really cares about her work and her clients. The volume of relevant material out there is vast and confusing, but Nicole can provide real clarity, cutting out the irrelevant and focusing on what will actually help you, based on your individual circumstances. It is great to benefit from someone's in-depth study. On a more personal level, it is clear that Nicole understands what you are going through. Her advice is structured to build up over sessions and so feels manageable and not overwhelming.

Thrive Package

- Naomi Bellingham-

Not ready for 1:1? 
Why not have a look at the group programmes we offer...

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