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Taking back control of your health gives you the freedom to start enjoying life again.

Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy specialise in helping people with chronic illness, by working one-to-one with me you can have a fully personalised bespoke programme to suit your own health needs. As well as a fully personalised diet, health and lifestyle programme, this can also include specific supplement plans to suit your body's needs and may also involve functional testing which is the gold standard of personalised treatment. 

When we have had a long time of suffering with symptoms or an illness, but struggling to find answers it can be very disheartening. I regularly see people who have, like me, been to multiple practitioners over many years looking for answers to why they feel the way they do, in fact the average for a person with autoimmunity, in order to get a diagnosis, is 30 practitioners over 20 years! 

The most common things I see are...

Why do I have no energy

Why do I feel anxious 

Why do I have brain fog and struggle to concentrate

My gut hasn't been right for years

I just don't feel right

No one knows what's wrong with me 

I've tried everything, nothing works

Autoimmunity is a spectrum

Did you know that it's not as simple as just having an autoimmune disease or not. Autoimmunity is a spectrum there are different stages from healthy, to silent autoimmunity, to symptomatic autoimmunity, to autoimmune disease.


You will only get diagnosed in conventional medicine when you are at the autoimmune disease stage, this means when there is damage and destruction to one or more of your organs. At this stage you want to learn how to deal with flare ups, prevent worsening damage, and look for other potential autoimmunity that could flare up in the future.


But you can be in the silent autoimmunity stage for ten years or more and the same with symptomatic autoimmunity. Why wait, jump in now and hold back any damage to your organs. At these stages we want to work on prevention as well as looking for other autoimmunity in the body that may not yet be symptomatic so that you can work on that. 

You can read more about this on my blog post by clicking here

I work one-to-one with a limited number of clients each month. 


This is to ensure that I can focus on you and give you the time you need to support you on your journey to Goode Health. I work with you to help you take back control of your health, find the support you need and get top the root cause of what is happening to you. 

  • I help you to take control of your symptoms

  • Find a way that suits your lifestyle to manage them

  • Learn how to deal with flare ups to reduce their severity and duration 

  • Prevent further autoimmunity from occurring, because once we have one we often get more

And ultimately ENJOY LIFE again by having the energy and health to see your family and friends, go to events and plan a future.

There are different packages available to work with me, a brief summary of these is below. 

In order to work with me you will need to book a free discovery call using the button below. This allows us to see if we will work well together and to find the right package for you. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you on your 




  • 3 consultations over 3 months.


    • Email contact throughout with 48hr response time.​

    • 10% off supplements for life.


  • 6 consultations over 3-6 months.


    • 2x 15min calls as and when you need.

    • Email contact with response within 24hrs.

    • Access to Goode Health Whats App throughout the package with quick response during business hours to help support you on your journey.

    • 10% off supplements for life. 


  • 9 consultations across 3-9 months


    • 3x 15min calls as and when you need.​

    • Email contact with response within 24hrs.

    • Access to Goode Health Whats App throughout the package with quick response during business hours to help support you on your journey. 

    • Meal plans, shopping lists and recipes provided at intervals throughout the programme.

    • 10% off supplements for life.

Stress Management

Never in our life time has stress management been more important!

Apart from seeing many autoimmunity patients suffer with things like anxiety, we are also living in extraordinary times and never have people needed stress management more. I use my skills, having studied lifestyle medicine, to help you implement a stress management programme to reduce your stress levels and help you learn how to manage the stress you do get. 


The other thing I often see is autoimmunity patients told by doctors to avoid stress, I've been told as much myselfbut let us be honest for a moment, how exactly are you meant to do that!

Yes you can remove yourself from some stressful situations but not all of them.


We all, like it or not, experience stress in our lives, we can't simply avoid it, what we need to learn to do is manage it.  

Stress management appointments are available by the hour.

To book fill in the form below.

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