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Neurological conditions, especially autoimmune ones like MS are rapidly increasing & symptoms like brain fog are an epidemic. Yet people feel unsupported.

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If you are ready to take action and find your way to optimal health, you want to finally get results and see huge strides in your wellness, you want to feel supported, but you are not sure what the right next step is for you, book a free clarity call and lets build your path to Goode Health.


What's your story...

Maybe you've been diagnosed with a neurological disease and you are feeling a loss of control over your life.

  • Maybe you are feeling a sense of loss over the life you used to lead and wondering how you can get back to the old you.

  • You aren't getting the answers you desire to feel secure in your future.

  • You likely have autoimmune processes going on in the body but have been given no advice on balancing your immune function.

Maybe you've been told that there is nothing else you can do except take medication.

  • You take your medication but you still feel rubbish.

  • You've been left at the mercy of your immune system, which is already playing up and causing tissue or organ damage.

  • You have very little understanding of your brain, immune function or interconnections around your body.

Maybe you've been struggling with niggling symptoms like brain fog, lack of concentration, tingling nerves, or nerve pain and you have no answers.

  • You've been left with no support until you get worse.

  • You are accepting niggling symptoms as just part of your life that you have to deal with and can't find answers to.

  • Your concentration is poor, you are tired all the time, your immune function is weak, you feel you are functioning at a lower version of yourself than you should be and it's impacting your life, work and dreams. 

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The Brain Connections

Why would you only work on your brain when there are all these connections through your body. We use our unique Goode Health Method to find root causes & underlying imbalances.

What if you could...

Live without limitations.

  • Full 360˚ holistic approach to health & wellness via The GH Method.

  • Find the root causes and underlying imbalances in your body that trigger your symptoms, flares or autoimmunity.

  • Feel revitalised, full of energy, with a sharp brain and mental clarity that allows you to live your live again.

Understand your brain & it's interconnections around your body.

  • Understand your brain, nervous system, any autoimmune processes and your test results.

  • Understand how your brain & nervous system connects to the rest of your body. 

  • Be guided by the latest scientific research and know how to implement that to impact your health.

Protect your future.

  • Calm your brain and nervous system and protect yourself from further damage.

  • Balance your autoimmunity, push back to remission and dampen underlying inflammation.

  • Relieve symptoms so that you can build a life of success.


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Your Path to Optimal Brain Health

Gut Assessment

Even without digestive symptoms, your gut could be playing a huge role in your brain health. Whether you have a diagnosed disease such as MS or Parkinson's, or your have brain symptoms like brain fog, your gut is impacting your health. Your gut is your second brain and is connected to your brain via the vagal nerve with bidirectional messages. This comprehensive functional test is the first step to optimising your gut & brain health.

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For you if you have a diagnosed neurological condition such as MS or PD, or have brain health symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety & more. Working for a minimum 3 months on all pillars of The Goode Health Method using functional, nutritional & lifestyle medicine. Understand your condition, finding root causes, knowing how to optimise your health for clarity & joy, push yourself towards remission, dampen your symptoms & protect your future. Revive your body to find freedom.

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Flourish is the ultimate functional medicine & nutrition package. A bespoke annual one-to-one experience for a full body, holistic approach to your health. And when we say ultimate we really mean unlimited, as many consultations as you need all inclusive, with testing, supplements & programmes included to. Flourish with our luxury deep dive

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Complimentary Resources

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The Free Facebook Group

The free hangout for those of you looking for thyroid, brain or energy support. If you have your diagnosis or you have niggling symptoms this is your stepping stone to success. Come and ask me your questions, get mini trainings and exclusive content.

Download the Free eBook

Download one of my free eBooks from hypothyroid, or neuroinflammation, to assessing your fatigue, there's something for you. Download one or all and learn how you can start to take control of your health.

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The Goode Life - Our Articles

Read our articles on the blog ~ The Goode Life, you will find articles on thyroid health as well as specific symptoms, how to live well, functional medicine, tips you can implement and more. New article s are regularly added.

Podcasts & Magazines

Listen to podcasts Nicole has featured on or check out magazine articles Nicole has been in (where available online). Check back for updates to see where Nicole has featured next.


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Other Resources

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The Library

Coming soon our webinar series with Nicole.

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Path to Wellness

Coming soon our membership.


The Goode Health Method is a unique approach to immune health designed by our founder Nicole Goode.

The  integrated 360˚ holistic approach to healthcare focuses on your body as a whole and you as an individual, to keep you at, or get you back to optimal immune health.

With our luxury functional health & performance wellbeing programmes we support you in living your best life and reaching your optimum potential.

Nicole Goode



Registered Nutritional Therapist, BANT Registered 

Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Writer/Contributor.

Thyroid, Energy & Brain Expert

Performance & Longevity Expert

Eat for Health  |  Optimise for Wealth  |  Live for Performance


Work with the best.

With gold standard testing, world leading partners and  a scientific, evidence based, holistic approach to immune health, you know you can trust us.



Nicole has given me a new lease of life. I can go about my life as I did before the onset of my symptoms.

Brook Thompson

Working With the Best Partners

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