On the Beach

In 8 Weeks


 An online course to get your energy back and enjoy life again.

From Burnout to Goode Health

A step by step course to beat burnout.
It's time to focus on your health and wellness, this course will lead you, fully supported on your 8 week journey with me. Each week will give you practical steps you can take to move you to Goode Health. 

What will we cover in this course?


Presented by Nicole Goode,
Founder of Goode Health.

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Nicole is perfectly placed to guide you through this course, help you regain your energy and  live the life you want. 

Module 1: What is adrenal fatigue & does it exist?
Let's explore the controversy, understand what is happening, how it can lead to chronic illness like autoimmune disease and figure out what stage you are at on your journey so that you can personalise the steps moving forwards. 


Module 2: The Gut & Your Adrenals
How does burnout affect your gut and how can you work on your diet to bring yourself back to Goode Health. 


Module 3: Blood Sugar Balance & Your Adrenals
Why are balanced blood sugar levels so important in people with burnout, what is the connection and how can you balance them.


Module 4: Hormones & The Adrenals
What is the link to our hormones and how do they affect our adrenals and fatigue. What steps can you take to improve your hormone balance.


Module 5: Toxins & Our Adrenals 
What effect does our environment have on our body, do you know what toxins you are exposing yourself and your family too? It's time to learn more and take steps to reduce your toxic burden. 


Module 6: Stress & Adrenal Fatigue 
We all know that stress plays a big role in burnout, but what can you do about it and how can you learn to manage stress in the future so that you don't get burnt out. 
SPECIAL GUEST: I'm so excited that this module, as well as the lessons from me, has the bonus of an audio recording meditation and breath work with a breath work specialist, to guide you when you are stressed, you can listen to the recording daily to help reduce your stress levels and pull it out of the bag when you need some extra help. 


Module 7: How to Exercise with Adrenal Fatigue
Exercise is a tricky one and depending on what stage you are at (which you will figure out with the steps in module one) the advice may be different. But don't worry I've got you covered, we will talk about the type of exercise to focus on for each stage so that you can change your practice as you improve and move through the stages, 
SPECIAL GUEST: Another amazing bonus! I have a wonderful yoga instructor who specialise in burnout! joining me in this module, she is going to be providing you with a yoga session that you can use whenever you need to get your body moving. 


Module 8: Testing & Supplements 
General advice on what testing and supplements are available to you if you want to go even further in your journey to Goode Health. What nutrients are beneficial and how can you find out exactly what's going on in your body?


Bonus Module: Surprise bonus module that will be revealed after you've completed week 8!


One module will be released each week and it will contain lessons that you can listen to in your own time, with handouts you can use and steps you can take each week to move you to Goode Health. 

This course is for you if...

  • You are suffering with burnout

  • You have chronic illness, or autoimmune disease and feel burnt out

  • You are exhausted all the time, the adrenals are often an underlying cause

  • You don't sleep well

  • You have been feeling stressed with lots of every day things

  • You have had a big stressor in your life

  • You want to take back control of your health

  • You want to get back to enjoying life again

  • You want to be more present for your friends and family

This course is not for you if...

  • You want an in-depth approach to autoimmune disease, this course deals specifically burnout & with the fatigue & burnout linked to autoimmunity (stay tuned for my upcoming autoimmune signature programme, or apply to work with me 1:1)

  • You are not ready to take steps to improve your health

  • You don't have the time to listen to a few short lessons over the week

  • You are not ready to make changes to see improvements in your health


I'm ready to boost my energy, beat burnout and take back control of my life. 

It's time to invest in yourself!