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Chronically Well


Are you ready to finally learn how to manage your autoimmunity?

Join Chronically Well the 6 week course designed to help you identify your triggers, feel heard and take back control of your health, without feeling restricted!

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Presented by Nicole Goode,
Founder & Specialist at Goode Health

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Registered Nutritional Therapist and BANT Registered Nutritionist, Nicole is dedicated to helping others with autoimmune disease realise that they can live chronically well and join the path to Goode Health.

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Say this with me...

I can live well with autoimmunity.
I deserve to be heard.
I am not alone.
I am strong.
I am not my illness.

I can help my body to heal.
I can take back control of my health.

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I've called this programme CHRONICALLY WELL, because when we have autoimmunity we spend so long focused on our chronic illness that we forget to take back control of our health. We forget that we can still guide our way on this path.

This course is designed to give you ACTION STEPS that you can start RIGHT NOW. It’s time to empower yourself.


I've built this course based on my experience in clinic to help those of you who are not ready for 1:1 support, but who want to learn to live well with autoimmunity. 

The reality is small steps in the right direction are how we move you towards Goode Health! You are probably only a few steps away from seeing the first improvements in your health. 


In just 6 weeks we will work on giving you all the tools you need to take back the power over your healthcare. Not only will you get actionable steps to implement right now, you will also get the knowledge you need to talk to your various doctors and healthcare providers with understanding and ease. 


This course will break down the complex information leaving you with simple understanding of immunology and autoimmunity. Simple information to guide you on your journey that’s cuts through the jargon and the noise. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Know how your body works, what your autoimmunity is, why we take the steps we do and how to actually make them. 

Get Actual Results


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Is this you?

You've been passed from pillar to post and never felt like anyone truly sees the full picture.

You are ready to finally feel heard. You are fed up of feeling misunderstood and brushed off.

You are ready to consolidate your care and take those steps to self awareness and self confidence. 

You are struggling to find answers, feeling confused and helpless, not knowing where to start, but knowing that you do want to start! 

You want to find a whole body, root cause approach to their health. 

Living with Autoimmunity...


My journey started when I hit a low point I couldn't work anymore because of my energy, studying was impossible because of the brain fog and I had to plan my life around my illness, cancelling on family & friends at the last minute and always feeling guilty. 

But then I found functional medicine and nutritional therapy and my journey to Goode Health started. I went back to university to study again, I set up my own clinical practice help and I support other practitioners on their journey, all while being able to spend more time with family & friends and start to plan my life again. 

I didn't want this to just be my story, I wanted it to be yours to!

I've helped many people through my clinic to turn this into their story and their future. Now you can too!


So if you want: 


  • To understand your body 

  • To take back control of your autoimmunity 

  • To get to the root causes of your autoimmune journey 

  • To feel heard and understood

  • To make changes to see results 

  • A plan of action to move you forwards on your path to Goode Health…

You need to live CHRONICALLY WELL!



In this course we will cover

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What's Inside Chronically Well

  • 60+ trainings 

  • 6 weeks of expert modules with Nicole 

  • Plus 18 guest expert sessions

  • A bonus extra 6 weeks access 

  • Facebook private group community

There is so much content in this course. You can work through at your own pace in your own time. All the content is broken down into manageable trainings, no sitting for hours through masterminds getting brain fog. There are a mix of video, audio and written trainings, including handouts and task sheets to help you implement the changes.

The Modules

  • Understanding Immunology & Autoimmunity

  • Set yourself up for the day

  • Nail Your Nutrition 

  • Soothe the Stress

  • Nutrition Next Steps

  • Managing Movement

What else...

  • The Toolkit - with all handouts and task sheets you need to help support you as your implement the changes, we make it as easy for you as possible. 

  • Because we know the importance of personalising your care we also show you how to adapt the necessary trainings to suit your own needs. 

  • Plus we've got 7 amazing guest experts introducing you to many areas to support your care, with free trainings and recorded sessions. 

Meet Our Guest Experts

Jonathan Hall.jpeg

Jonathan Hall

Functional Movement Neurology Specialist


Charlotte Swire

Breath Work & Yoga


Joann Buchan

Ayurveda & Yoga Instructor

Caroline Copp

Caroline Copp

Pilates 'Living with Pain' Expert

Copy of Dorte Jensen_edited.png

Dorte Jensen

Pilates Expert 


Ellen Dyverfeldt

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Simone Topel.jpg

Simone Topel

Mindset, Life Coach & Yoga

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The Investment

Select the plan that works for you: 

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