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Optimal Health & Longevity

Supporting Creatives (actors, musicians & others in the creative industries) and Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and execs to optimise their health, energise, use preventative medicine for longevity & avoid burnout.

Thyroid Disease & Imbalances

With full thyroid screening and monitoring, a whole body holistic approach to care & root cause medicine and functional testing to bring you back to balance, energy & vitality.

Autoimmune Disease

Using the best functional testing and digging deep to find root causes and underlying imbalances, we find the right plan for each individual to live well with autoimmunity. With special focus on neurological & fatigue conditions. 

The MitoImmune Method

How we support you with my unique method for Energy & Immune Health.

01. Mitochondrial Health

Your mitochondria are the powerhouses of every cell in your body. They are the battery that gives you energy. If your mitochondria are not functioning to the best of their ability neither are you. 

02. Immune health

Want to be your best you need optimal immune health. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease you need to bring your immune system back to balance. We are immune health experts and support you in being the best you can be. 

03. Brain Health

From neurological disease to preventive steps to stave off cognitive decline and brain fog to optimising brain function for clarity, performance and success. We specialise in supporting healthy brain function. 

04. thyroid health

Our thyroid is involved in many metabolic processes and heavily interlinked with the brain and the adrenals. It is also one of the most common dysfunctions we see in clinic resulting in weight issues, hormonal imbalances, fatigue and more. 

05. Adrenal Health

Whether you are burnt out with your fast paced lifestyle, juggling all the roles you hold, modern stressors on our body, illness or have a high powered career you need to stay on top of…our adrenals have never taken more hits than they do in today’s society.

06. Gut Health

The gut is the foundation of optimal health. From it’s impact on immune health, to digestive issues, brain fog and more. If you don’t know what is going on in your gut, you don’t know how healthy you are. The gut is the foundational key to finding the root cause. 

07. Hormone Health

Our hormones are interlinked around our entire body and at varying life stages hormonal imbalances are common resulting in suboptimal health and underlying issues. 

08. cardiometabolic health

From blood sugar, to heart health, cholesterol and more. We run full blood panels to ensure you are at the top of your game and optimise your health for longevity.

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From Immune dysfunction to Goode Health to Optimal Health & Longevity.