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For the Ambitious Nutritionist who wants to provide world class transformations.

Being a leader in your field is one thing and I know you all have the expertise and knowledge to help people in extraordinary ways, but building a world leading practice is another. I'm here to use my expertise to help you grow your practice, elevate our beautiful industry and provide world class transformations to your clients. 

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Make your practice work for you and create solid foundations to build your dream practice & life. Join the group programme Scale.

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Attract your dream clients without the hard sell. Quit the hustle and learn to nurture yourself & your clients.

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NEW for 2023

My mastermind for ambitious nutrition professionals who want to elevate themselves and their practice to the next level.

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Dream it. Build it. Grow it.

Refine your practice in a way that gives your clients the ultimate value and you joy, time and freedom to build the life you desire.



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It has literally transformed my business. I am now booked out 2 months ahead.

I was scraping by! My earnings were inconsistent and nowhere near what I needed for me to consider the business a success. I felt quite low and frustrated, so I decided to do something about it. After the course I am now super clear on my niche, my messaging and my offers. I am getting better at being more focussed with my time. I have worked on having a very clear niche and to ensure I am speaking to the clients I want to work with (which has worked!). I have clear set of goals for the business so I can track if things are working

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Scale?

If you are struggling with consistency, wanting more predictable earnings, are over thinking your services and spending far too many hours jumping in and out of different strategies that haven't worked, I would highly recommend this course.

Lucy Patel

Lucy Patel Nutrition

Working with Nicole was very rewarding! She was very supportive and encouraging & really helped me achieve all the goals we had set out. It left me feeling very motivated to continue to make strides in my business. Thank you Nicole, for your expertise!

Anushka Tandon


Working with Nicole was extremely supportive & exhilarating.

I knew where I wanted to be, but I didn't know how to get there. I felt overwhelmed. The weekly modules & zoom calls immediately removed any overwhelm & nothing appeared to be a problem anymore. I'm thrilled with all that I achieved in such a short space of timesaving me hugely excited about where my business is going. 

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Scale?

Nicole gets it. You couldn't be in safer hands when it comes to growing your business as a NT or Health Coach.

Maria Indermülhe

Founder First Food First

3 of my 5 spaces sold & I only released it this morning. Had more interest for the other spaces. Might have to run another group! And it felt easy. Thank you so much.
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