Functional Medicine


for Chronic Illness

"Traditional western medicine places its focus on treating the symptoms of a disease. Functional medicine focuses on the root cause of the disease. We want to find out what is causing that individual to have those symptoms, then work with that. It is a simple case of cause and effect, if you treat the cause you will see an effect on the symptoms of that cause.

It is also important to remember that you visit a doctor when you have a disease, you can see a functional medicine practitioner for prevention as well as treatment."





The Institute for Functional Medicine is the world leading education in the area of medicine and science. I am proud to have studied under and learnt from many of the doctors featured in this video where they explain what functional medicine is. They are leaders in their field from all over the world and that is why I will continue my studies with them. I am on their 'Find a Practitioner' list to help you find a qualified practitioner and you can read my profile with them here.

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Functional medicine is a personalised, preventative approach to chronic illness, by determining how and why 

illness occurs and aims to restore health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. We look at biochemistry, cellular biology, pharmacology, genetics and so much more. Conventional medicine will treat the symptoms, you have a headache you take a paracetamol. Functional medicne treats the root cause. Why is the person getting a headache, sort that problem out they won't get headaches anymore.


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"Battling fatigue is hard when you are running a business, a family and a home and so looking at the basics of functional natural medicine, rest and good nutrition is vital. Nicole is without a doubt the most wonderful and understanding person who works with purpose to get you back on track to a healthier and happier you."

— Carol

"Nicole was amazing and helped me analyse where I needed help within my diet and lifestyle, but also praised the good points and built upon those. The guidance given was achievable and easy to consume literally and mentally! Nicole is so friendly and caring, after 3 months of following the guidance given to me I have certainly seen an improvement in my symptoms. I encourage anybody to get in touch with Nicole and see how your life can be improved through nutrition!"

— Alex

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