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 Join Nicole as we explore the world of immune & optimal health with positivity, we delve into the world of functional medicine and holistic health. From immune health conditions like Hashimoto’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Burnout, to optimising your health for longevity, performance and success, we’ve got you covered. With expert advice and tips to help you take action now and inspiring real patient stories from successful individuals who refuse to let their health hold them back.


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Episode 40: The Connection Between Gluten and Hashimoto’s

by Nicole Goode

In this episode, Nicole dives deep into the significance of gluten elimination for individuals with Hashimoto’s disease, detailing six reasons why this dietary change is recommended for reducing Hashimoto’s symptoms and potentially lessening the need for medication.

Nicole also discusses the evolution of wheat to a hybrid grain, which is typically less tolerated by the body; the connection between an overactive immune system, the onset of additional autoimmune diseases and how gluten can fuel these issues.

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12. Why ‘Immune Boosting’ Labels are a Myth: 10 Tips to Support Your Immune Function This Autumn

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11. A Functional Approach: The Burnout Bible

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10. Why It's Important to Understand and Track Your Thyroid Antibodies

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09. Conventional x Functional Medicine: The Integrated Approach

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08. Neuroinflammation & it's Connection to Multiple Sclerosis

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02. Gluten and Intestinal Permeability

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01. Unstoppable: A Champion’s Journey to Finding Purpose with Multiple Sclerosis

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by Nicole Goode


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