Ep. 38 - Hormone Harmony: A Path to Longevity



Episode 38

Our hormones play a significant role in not only our ageing process, but also our risk of disease. Hormones regulate our body functions such as growth, metabolism, mood, reproduction, and stress response, making it a vital area all of us should be focusing more on. 

In this episode, Nicole shares strategies for how to optimise hormonal health to promote healthspan, including dietary choices, exercise and sleep quality. She also shares her top tips that you can implement immediately to support your hormonal balance and improve your overall well-being. 

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Episode Timestamps


Diving deep into hormones and longevity


Understanding the impact of hormones on longevity


Exploring key hormones and their influence on ageing


Lifestyle interventions for hormonal balance and longevity

“Understanding this really intricate interplay between these hormones and their effects on ageing, can provide insights into strategies for promoting healthy ageing and extending lifespan, and more importantly, healthspan.”


Essential learnings from this episode…

Understanding how hormones influence longevity is key to developing strategies for healthy ageing

Growth, thyroid, sex, and cortisol are key hormones that impact longevity

Hormonal imbalances can lead to health issues like metabolic disorders, infertility, and accelerated ageing

How we can maintain hormonal balance through lifestyle changes to our diet, exercise and sleep

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