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Before you attend

Once booked in you will receive a questionnaire to fill in. This starts to take a history of your case. You will need to return this at least 72 hrs before your first consultation to allow Nicole to read it before you meet and save time in your initial consultation. 

Initial consultation 

At your initial consultation Nicole will take a comprehensive medical history and go through your case notes with you in order to learn as much as possible about you and your story. Together you will start to dig into the root causes of your issues.

Bespoke Plan

During your initial consultation,  steps you can take will be discussed. Within 48hrs after your consultation Nicole will send out your bespoke Goode Health folder. This will contain your first bespoke plan all laid out in simple easy to follow steps, as well as any other information you will need. 

All plans are entirely  bespoke to YOU because there is no one size fits all answer.


Nicole will be there for you throughout your programme, ready to help you take the steps you need, allow you to check in and hold you accountable. 

Nicole limits the number of people she works with in order to have the time to spend working with you on your case. Depending on your plan you will have various ways of accessing Nicole, including phone check ins, email and the Goode Health Whats App 

Follow ups

Follow up appointments will further your plan and grow in depth to get to the root cause of your health issues. We will also discuss what has been working for you since we last met. After your follow ups your bespoke plans will be emailed to you, print these off and add them to your Goode Health folder. If you are attending in clinic bring your folder with you.  

Get Started

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