How Prevalent is Autoimmunity?

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1 in 12 women & 1 in 24 men have autoimmune disease.

This means they have reached the final stage of the autoimmune spectrum. If you are not sure of the difference between autoimmunity and autoimmune disease read my post on the autoimmune spectrum.


So 1 in 12 women have autoimmune disease, but you can have autoimmunity for 10, 20 or more years before this so can you imagine how many women have autoimmunity!! The figures aren’t available because conventional medicine only looks at the figures of people who have reached the end stage and receive an autoimmune disease diagnosis.

As well as those with autoimmune, those with diagnosed Autoimmune Diseases are currently rising every year by approximately 9%. A massive proportion of the population are affected by autoimmunity and autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune diseases now cover more than 100 conditions, with even more than this thought to be autoimmune and likely to be classified as such in the future. They are now one of the most prevalent causes of poor health in the world.

In conventional medicine the focus is on WHAT a person is suffering with, i.e the diagnosis. Functional medicine takes a different approach rather than placing too much emphasis on what, it asks WHY. The reason for this is that ten people all with the exact same diagnosis may have ten different reasons why they developed it. Functional medicine focuses on the underlying cause, this helps to find a person’s imbalances. Each person may also have more than one imbalance causing the autoimmunity, it’s important to address all of these in each individual.

If you want to look for your underlying imbalances and root causes you can work with me in clinic. I work with people worldwide. The first step is to book a functional health assessment. You can read more about our packages here.

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