How to boost your energy if you get the 3pm slump!

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Are you struggling with the 3pm slump? Try these 6 amazing tips to help boost energy.

    1. Give yourself the best start with a nutritious breakfast. Something that keeps your blood sugar stable is most beneficial. Have breakfast that includes a good source of protein and wholegrains to keep you energy going through the day.

    2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Often we think we are hungry but actually we are dehydrated. Dehydration affects our energy levels, mood and concentration. Drink water through the day. 


    1. Support yourself with a healthy lunch. Have enough to fill yourself up for the afternoon, if you get hungry mid afternoon it may be because you advent powered yourself up enough at lunch time. Fill half your plate with salad or veggies, add a good source of protein, topped off with some good quality healthy fats. 


    1. If you do get hungry mid afternoon have some healthy snacks on hand to avoid reaching for the sugar. When we reach for the sugar we over have a high followed by an energy slump, hello 3pm crash! Instead think carbs, proteins and healthy fats.


    1. Walk. Use half of your lunch break to sit and enjoy your lunch away from screens, to fully fuel yourself for the afternoon. Then use the other half of your lunch hour to do a 30 min walk, ideally outside in fresh air if you can. Mentally refresh yourself for the afternoon ahead and boost those endorphins. If you can’t do this, do something fun, blast some music and dance around the kitchen!


    1. Finish the day with a healthy sleep routine and a good solid night’s sleep to set you up for the next day. 



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