Ep. 8 - Neuroinflammation and Its Connection to MS



Season 1. Episode 8.

When it comes to understanding the intricate relationship between our immune system, the brain and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), there are many factors that are included within the complex process. 

In this episode, Nicole deep dives into the subject of neuroinflammation and its connection to MS. Nicole helps you to understand what neuroinflammation actually is, the potential triggers that can act as a driver for MS, the links between Epstein–Barr virus and MS. She also uncovers the latest research into this neurological disorder and the emerging therapies that aim to target neuroinflammation directly. 

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Episode Timestamps


What is neuroinflammation?


How does neuroinflammation impact the cells in our nervous  system?


The important role of microglia and what can happen if it becomes active


The four different clinical severities of neuroinflammation


The symptoms you might see with neuroinflammation


What Multiple Sclerosis actually is and how it affects our body


How our immune system protects us and what happens when it kicks into action mode 


The role neuroinflammation plays in the development, progression and symptoms of MS


Immune cells and what happens when dysregulation occurs


New research into understanding these inflammatory processes within the brain and spinal cord


The blood brain barrier and MS


What triggers this inflammation? 


The link between the Epstein–Barr virus and MS


Additional mediators of neuroinflammation


Other health issues MS has been linked to


The impact of underlying imbalances


Different types of holistic treatments for MS


Neuroimmunology and how it can help us understand the immune system


“It’s really important we untangle this web and find out what each individual’s drivers are, and it’s not the same for everyone. That’s why the functional medicine approach is really effective for these types of illnesses.”


Essential learnings from this episode…

Understanding what neuroinflammation is and how it impacts our nervous system

The different severities of neuroinflammation and identifying the symptoms

The link between the Epstein-Barr virus and MS, as well as how it can impact the myelin sheath proteins

Emerging research into the inflammatory processes and the holistic treatments for MS

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