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12 Day Adrenal Health Challenge

Attention seekers of unlimited success, peak performance and longevity! Our FREE 12-Day Adrenal Health Challenge is designed exclusively for individuals like you – driven, ambitious, and ready to unlock the secrets to boundless energy and unwavering performance! Join us on this transformative journey as we guide you through 12 simple but actionable days filled with science-led strategies, expert tips, and empowering practices to optimize your adrenal health. Unleash your true potential, and achieve unparalleled success. Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary – join the Adrenal Health Challenge and embark on a life-changing adventure towards limitless success, powerful performance, and lifelong vitality!

Who is this download for ?

High performers, executives, business leaders and those who won’t compromise on success. 

What to expect ?

One simple step to take each of the 12 days to start your journey to adrenal health and avoiding burnout.



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Who is this assessment for ?

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What to expect ?

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Work in Clinic with Nicole

Welcome to a revolutionary journey towards optimal health, performance and success with our one-to-one clinic services for leaders. Prepare to be amazed as we take a science led, holistic and preventative approach to your care, armed with cutting-edge knowledge and a passion for personalised programmes to fit around your unique lifestyle, as we guide you towards a life of vibrancy and vitality. Uncover the underlying imbalances through comprehensive assessments, functional testing, tailored plans and ongoing support that considers your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, and goals. Experience the transformative power of functional medicine as we address nutrition, lifestyle factors, stress management, and more, unlocking the door to a world of optimal health. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional—your life-changing transformation awaits!

Who are these programmes for ?

Our two one-to-one services with Nicole are designed for high achievers, leaders and visionaries, who refuse to settle for anything less than optimal.

What to expect ?

Someone who will listen to your case and consider your needs, to build a personalised plan for your optimal health and performance that fits around your likely busy lifestyle. A full functional health assessment followed by digging deep to get to underlying imbalances, address niggling issues and prioritise optimal performance, to build personalised programmes to fit into your lifestyle.

What does the service include ?

A full functional health assessment starts off both of our services. You can expect to have a full review of your case, prior notes and tests, as well as an assessment of your health over your lifespan. You will get full support with access to Nicole Monday-Thursday each week, comprehensive consultations and functional, nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plans.

TIMELINE: 6 months +