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For a Life Chronically Well™  

The Goode Health Method looks at your body as a whole & you as an individual.


Don't feel trapped by the constraints of your illness, learn to heal so that you can thrive at work & transform your life to enjoy time with family and friends again.

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Is this you?..

Lacking energy

Suffering with brain fog

Anxious or overwhelmed

Chronic pain

Gut issues

Unexplained symptoms

Are you fed up of...

Being told there's nothing you can do

Feeling like you've lost control

Not being understood or heard

Going to practitioner after practitioner

Getting no answers

Trying everything, but nothing works

Manageable & Sustainable plans to help you live life

I've Got  You

Learn to thrive & transform your life naturally so that you can live well with your chronic illness.


Whether you are suffering with autoimmunity, chronic illness, or unexplained symptoms, learn how to beat fatigue, banish brain fog & manage your condition. Having a chronic illness doesn't mean you can't thrive at work & transform your life so that you can enjoy time with family & friends again.

It's Time to Invest in Yourself 

Let Me Help You

Your Journey to Goode Health

The Goode Health Approach...

Personalised, science based, patient centred care to promote optimal wellness.

Fully insured and registered Nicole uses functional medicine and nutritional therapy, specialising in autoimmune disease and fatigue to provide a personalised approach to their management. Working on both management of disease and chronic symptoms, as well as a preventative approach. As a functional health practice we take a  whole body approach looking at the root causes of disease and triggers by focusing on the body and the mind. Let's connect to help meet your needs, boost your energy, improve your brain fog, reduce your anxiety and balance your gut, so you can start enjoying life again. 


The Goode Health packages are for you if you want to work 1:1 with Nicole to get access to scientifically backed, personalised, healthcare plans. They are designed to dig deep at the highest levels into your autoimmunity.

This is the future of medicine and the ultimate in bespoke care that


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Fed up of not knowing how to manage your health? You CAN thrive with autoimmunity! If you are newly diagnosed or taking your first steps with functional medicine, with this bespoke programme I help you take back control of your health.

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Is it time to TRANSFORM your health! Your time is now, no one will ever invest in your health more than YOU. Ready to dig deep and learn more about your health with functional testing? This programme for autoimmunity is the ultimate in personalised healthcare.

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The New Course to help you live CHRONICALLY WELL. 

Do you want to learn in your own time? Maybe you are not ready to jump into 1:1 packages, but know you need to change something and take action to start your journey to Goode Health?

This is just the thing for you. 



Kind Words

When we first started working together last year, I came to you with a laundry list of painful, relentless and debilitating chronic symptoms that seemed to have developed out of nowhere a year previously. Constant fatigue, brain fog, gut issues, and unexplained tingling, to name a few, accompanied by adrenal exhaustion, were my daily default. I knew intuitively that something was wrong, and began searching for answers. But what made no sense to me, made total sense to you. With your knowledge and expertise, guidance and empathy, you have helped me slowly put the pieces of the puzzle back together, bit-by-bit, plan by plan, and taught me how to connect the dots to identify individual factors that feed into the bigger picture of health, some that I would never have guessed could contribute to underlying symptoms.

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Transform Package

- Hannah White -

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