Burnout & Autoimmunity - What's the Link?

There's a well known link between fatigue and autoimmunity. Many autoimmune conditions leave people suffering with fatigue as a primary symptom. This is a link I will discuss in another post, but what about burnout?

Burnout, or adrenal fatigue as it is sometimes colloquially called leaves us with fatigue, but it is different to the autoimmunity fatigue. Yet it is still linked. Why?

There are two different ways in which it is linked.

  1. The journey of autoimmunity is often a long and arduous one, years of unknown, many practitioners seen, no answers found, no improvements seen and loss of both control and hope. This is an incredibly stressful time for many and that in itself is enough to trigger a bout of burnout.

  2. Then the other way round, someone may get burnout for one reason or another and that puts intense stress on the body. That stress increases pro-inflammatory mechanisms in the body and can act as a trigger for autoimmune disease.

So as you can see they are inextricably linked from both directions. Autoimmunity can lead to burnout and burnout can lead to you developing an autoimmune disease.

This is why I specialise in autoimmunity and fatigue, not only is fatigue a massively prevalent symptom of many autoimmune diseases, but it is also a key sign of burnout which I see in almost every autoimmune patient.

I also want to raise the awareness of how burnout can lead to you developing autoimmune disease if it is not dealt with. This is a part of the preventative work that I do and am incredibly passionate about.

So if you feel burnt out get yourself checked, see a practitioner, take the test and deal with the issue. Don't leave it! It can be a trigger for further chronic health issues that are much harder to deal with.

Signs of burnout:

  1. fatigue

  2. loss of interest / motivation / low mood

  3. withdrawing from work, family and /or friends

  4. dizzy spells

  5. headaches

  6. stomach aches / constipation / diarrhoea

  7. anxiety

  8. insomnia

  9. frustration

  10. brain fog

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