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How To Deal with Setbacks in Your Healing Journey.

Self-compassion will play a significant role in your healing process. And we must accept that the path is not linear. When faced with setbacks and problems, it has been displayed that self-compassionate people have a much better way of copying because they treat themselves with kindness and concern rather than criticism or judgement.

It is always important to consider the big picture. Rather than focusing on the setback, consider your trajectory over the last four weeks, or probably much longer. Has there been noticeable improvement so far.

Look for the lessons -

Nothing is a failure; everything is a learning experience.

What lessons can you pull from a setback? Take some time to reflect on the setback; you might want to journal about it.

What can you possibly learn from your experiences that will help you in the future?

What can you avoid doing in the future that will set you back, or what can you do to avoid that setback?

Try to let go of control -

When you're on a healing journey or dealing with a chronic illness, control can easily become your core concept. Try to let this go. Anxiety or depression can result from a lack of control.

Remember why you started -

You probably started your healing journey because you were tired of letting your chronic illness or symptoms win. Going back to where your goal started can really bring you back to the present moment after a setback. Remember your WHY.

Stay flexible -

If you experience setbacks, remember that it is okay to make changes if something isn't working. This is your healing journey, and adjustments are allowed where needed. A balanced lifestyle is KEY to being consistent. 

Talk about it -

This is where your support network comes into play. Speaking about setbacks with family, friends, partners, or even your practitioner can be a really useful way to help look at things from a different perspective and know that you aren't alone and that there are people around you to help get you back on track.

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