Lifestyle tips for Autoimmunity

Updated: Apr 7

You may have seen recently I've added a new freebie to the site (if you are already signed up with me you will receive this in the next newsletter), it's 5 lifestyle tips for people living with autoimmunity.

So how important is lifestyle when you have an autoimmune disease, autoimmunity or family history of autoimmune disease. Very important. Lifestyle is as important as diet, in fact in some cases I go straight in with lifestyle changes first. Why? Because they are often simple changes to make, that don't overwhelm a person, but that allow them to see improvements quickly.

The most common reason I see for people not making lifestyle changes is that they don't even realise that what they are suffering with is autoimmunity. Unless they are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease they often just see themselves as someone with unexplained symptoms. To learn more read my post on the autoimmune spectrum here.

It's vital we make these changes, the sooner we step in the less permanent damage will be caused your body, did you know that once you have once autoimmune disease you are likely to get another, maybe even 5. We want to step in and help lessen flare ups, reduce the chances of further autoimmunity occurring, lessen damage to the body and manage your disease.

What does an autoimmunity patient look like when they come to see me...

  • They may have been suffering for a year or for 20 years or more

  • On average they have seen 30 practitioners to try and find answers (although I am pleased to say that awareness is growing and people look for alternative solutions sooner rather than suffering longer these days)

  • They may have had multiple diagnoses that end up not being correct, or they have no diagnoses at all

  • They lack answers and feel they have no control over their health

  • They have tried everything but nothing works, this is such a common thing for me to hear

  • They are lacking in energy

  • Their brain is foggy and just doesn't seem to work as well as it used to

  • They may have gut issues, some do, some don't

  • They feel anxious, this can be for different reasons read my post on autoimmunity and anxiety here

In my lifestyle guide I cover my top 5 areas you can make changes.

  1. Sleep

  2. Morning Routine

  3. Reduce Exposure

  4. Stress Relief

  5. Movement

There are tips in each of these section that you can implement now.

So download my free lifestyle guide by clicking here.

I also have an autoimmunity online course coming soon where you will be able to learn all about autoimmunity and how to manage it. It will be extremely comprehensive and give you loads of different aspects that you can implement to start your journey to Goode Health with autoimmunity. If you want to be the first to hear more (spaces will be limited) about the online course click here and enter your email address.

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