The Mechanism of CFS / ME & Long Covid

It has long been thought that ME / CFS starts from viral infection.

However the mechanism behind it has been unknown.

The symptoms of ME / CFS are generally brain focused such as:

  • neuroinflammation

  • loss of homeostasis

  • brain fog

  • sleep disturbance

  • poor response to stressors

The similarities to Long Covid are obvious.

Researchers* have proposed that after initial infection or stressor, either via a poor blood brain barrier or via the neurovascular pathways the subsequent pathology moves to the brain, resulting in chronic neuroinflammation.

This results in chronic illness with relapse & recovery cycles.

This model opens up huge amounts of research in this area into ME / CFS and Long Covid.

There is no doubt now that Long Covid is linked to initial infection of Covid. Therefore it is put forward that there should be no doubt that ME / CFS is linked to initial infection such as Epstein Barr Virus.

As with many autoimmune diseases, in ME / CFS and Long Covid we see an initial inflammatory response and immune response; which is required in the body to clear infection, produce immunity and manage stress on the body; become a chronic issue that results in the disease persisting and relapsing.

It is therefore essential that we look into neuroinflammation and immune response when supporting people with ME / CFS / Long Covid or Adrenal Dysfunction.

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* Frontiers of Neurology "Molecular mechanisms of neuroinflammation in ME / CFS and Long Covid to sustain disease and promote relapses" Professor Warren Tate University of Otago and colleagues at University of Wellington and University of Technology Sydney.

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