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Updated: Apr 7

In more ways than one! There's lots of changes in the world at the moment, what with Covid19 causing a multitude of disruptions, I'm not sure things will go back to 'normal' for quite some time. It's certainly not how I thought things would be at this time. It's called for some changes to my business plans that's for sure. I've decided that I will still continue ahead with my plans and get as much up and running as is possible at this time, it will just mean a slightly different way of working. All consultations for the time being are moved onto zoom, all the same services will be offered.

I always intended to offer remote consultations anyway, so that I can provide my services to those of you who don't live locally and as I work with those with chronic illness, to help those of you who struggle to get out and about. To be honest people seem to be getting more and more into using video calling anyway with everything that has been going on, so I think if I can help some of you out there as we go through these strange times then that's a plus.

How are you all getting on at the moment? Because these days, when we ask how someone is, we actually mean it. We don't just ask and expect the answer 'fine' to come back at us. People actually care at the moment. I hope this is something positive that we will take away from this time. I know many of you will be struggling and to that I say reach out, ask for help, don't struggle alone. We all need some help at the moment and that is ok, however you feel right now it's ok.

In terms of chronic illness, which is where my passion lies I hope that those of you who are well may be able to learn a thing, or two, from what we are all experiencing together now. The lockdown life you are leading is something that many with chronic illness experience all the time, all their lives. When they say no to an invite it's not that they don't want to see you, or they don't care, it's because they can't. So when things are 'normal' again, whatever normal may be try to remember what it was like to be in lockdown and try to have some compassion towards your loved ones who are still struggling.

That is if we go back to normal, what will normal look like as we move forwards. Will the world go back to what it was, will there be a brave new world out there. I certainly think there are some positives we can take away from this time and some changes we could make moving forwards. Did you see the world thrive without us humans destroying it? The wildlife that has claimed its place back in the world, the cleaner waters, the clearer skies. The world is healing. All our excesses and greed are destroying the planet, Covid19 has proved that and at the end of the day what have you really needed most, what have you missed most? I imagine it's the simple things like hugging your parents, a coffee with a friend, having a community, human contact, that seems to be the message coming through. Hold on to that moving forwards, hold on to what mattered and what really didn't.

Also the stories of bravery and kindness, I'm sure you've all heard of Captain / Colonel / Sir Tom, and of course our frontline workers from surgeons, consultants, junior doctors, nurses, medical students, student nurses, to those maintaining the hospital, cooks, cleaners, porters and volunteers, there's so many people who have put themselves on the line to help others. They have risked their lives, moved away from their families, seen things that they would never have expected to see. This is humanity.

The world of greed and fame was taking over, it's not healthy, it portrays a false image to young people and teaches them to strive for the wrong things. If one brilliant thing has come out of all of this it's that love island has been cancelled (for a year at least). We don't want our children looking up to these people, or the reality shows that couldn't be less real, we want them to look up to the heroes of today. The people we are all seeing shine through.

Let us take these things forwards and make them our 'new normal', because we can be better than before, we can take something positive away from all the suffering that has been endured. Too many people have suffered, fighting this horrible virus, being separated from loved ones, or grieving those who have passed. We need positivity in the world and kindness, we need to make the world a better place now more than ever.

Things I've been grateful for through lockdown:

  • Living with my family

  • Having a roof over my head

  • Having a garden

  • My dogs who make me laugh everyday

  • Getting through Covid19 without having to go into hospital

  • The NHS and all its heroes

  • The everyday heroes

  • Nature and seeing it thrive

  • The glorious weather we've had through lockdown, the worlds way of saying everything will be ok

  • The slower pace of life

  • Client testimonials telling me their successes and how they are feeling better

  • The kindness of seeing people help others

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