What About Superfoods?

Updated: Apr 7

The thing everyone wants to know about as soon as I say I’m a nutritionist.

Do you eat superfoods?

What they mean is, is my diet full of hard to find, rare and expensive ingredients.

They are two very different questions, but these days people seem to think of it as one. We have become accustomed to called these rare, usual foods ‘superfoods’.

So here is my answer. Is my diet full of hard to source, rare, unusual foods? NO.

Is my diet full of superfoods? YES.

Because here’s the thing, my definition of a superfoods is...

a food that packs the most nutrients into one bite.

So, to me, a mushroom is a superfood. Spinach is a superfood. Oily fish is a superfood.

A natural whole food is a superfood.

Eating well does not need to be complicated.

These natural whole foods that are in every supermarket and are often relatively inexpensive (especially if bought in season) are already packed with so much goodness, but is there anything we can do to make them even more super? Yes.

  1. We can source sustainably

  2. We can buy organic

  3. We can eat in season

  4. We can cook on a lower heat

All these things help maintain high nutrient levels. Foods in season are at the height of their cycle and naturally contain more nutrients, they haven’t had to travel and can be eaten closer to being picked, so they haven’t had chance to lose any nutrients either. Organic foods haven’t lost their nutrient value by being sprayed with chemicals. Nutrients haven’t been broken down from high temperatures. Sourcing sustainably maintains the delicate balance of the food chain and as well as buying organic, maintains the nutrients in the soil.

So is my diet crammed full of superfoods? Absolutely. Are they easy to find foods you all know? Yes.

So next time you want a superfood remember to look on pretty much any food shelf in any food store, they are there all around us.

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