Why you don’t need to be on a restrictive diet for Autoimmunity!

Are you fed up with having to follow a restricted diet because of your autoimmunity? You may have tried every "autoimmune" diet you can find, but it doesn't appear to be making a difference. Do you want autoimmune support without having to remove all your favourite foods?....

Well let me tell you something...

  1. You can live well with autoimmunity without being on a super restrictive diet. In fact, only one food needs to go.

  2. There is no such thing as an autoimmune diet.

There are so many diets out there claiming to fix autoimmunity, many of them are also highly restrictive, take the AIP for example or Keto. Often, we see one of two things with these diets…

  1. They work at first but either you can’t sustain the diet, or you do but you slowly start to feel worse again.

  2. They have little to no effect.

Here's why..

  • You see results at first because you may be removing a food intolerance you have.

  • This could be a food intolerance to one food, not all of them that you eliminate.

  • You start to feel worse again because you’ve cut so much out of your diet your gut health starts to suffer, which acts as a trigger for your autoimmunity.

  • You don’t see much effect at all because food intolerances are not one of your major triggers

  • You don’t see much effect at all because there is some other underlying imbalance going on for you personally that is stopping you from seeing results.

The only autoimmune diet that works is one that is personalised, therefore there is no such thing as an “autoimmune diet”.

Everyone with autoimmunity will benefit from different dietary changes.

In fact a restrictive diet can be harmful, especially long term. Your gut health needs variety and diversity, it’s one of the most important things you can do to support a healthy gut microbiome. 70% of the immune system is in the gut, so poor gut health is bound to have an effect on your immune function and therefore your autoimmunity.

Living well with autoimmunity doesn’t need to be difficult with The Goode Health Method.

If you would like support with your autoimmunity you can work with me one-to-one in the immune clinic. Book your functional health assessment to get started.

Or book a FREE onboarding call to find out more about how our packages can help you.

Kind Client Words

The best time to start these things is now. I wasn't sure this would work for me, but I gave it a go because I just knew that something had to change. I'm extremely glad I did. All too often autoimmune disease saps people's emotional energy because it is labelled as 'incurable'. But, the feeling of hope you get from seeing yourself heal is great; it gives you a new lease of life.

- Eve B, UK

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