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Goode Health is a functional medicine clinic specialising in autoimmunity and fatigue with rooms in Cheshire and London. Currently working online because of the pandemic it’s allowed me to open up appointments worldwide. Working to find the root cause of the issues and also prevent further autoimmunity Goode Health helps people beat fatigue, banish brain fog, and bring themselves back to Goode Health. Many people with autoimmunity suffer fatigue and burnout, so energy is a massive part of the practice. One-to-one clinic consultations are available and new online courses will be launching very soon. You can access the waitlist for those to be the first to hear about those here... www.nicolegoodehealth.com/waitlist


I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Registered Nutritional Therapist MBANT CNHC and BANT Registered Nutritionist.

I set up Goode Health with the intention of using functional medicine and nutritional therapy to help people with autoimmunity and fatigue find answers to their chronic health problems. Many of these people have been going from practitioner to practitioner, tried everything and not been able to find anything that works, or things have worked briefly and then stop. I suffer with autoimmunity myself and so this was always going to be my speciality, fatigue is a predominant symptom in many with autoimmunity and often people are not aware that what they have been diagnosed with is autoimmune. Alternatively they may not have been able to get a diagnosis, but be suffering with chronic symptoms. I know the autoimmunity journey from both sides, both as a practitioner and as a patient, so I can understand what people are going through.

I was at medical school studying neuroscience when I really starting struggling with my health. That was when my journey with autoimmunity started. I spent 15 years without a diagnosis (or with various wrong ones), seeing many different practitioners until things got worse. What I didn’t realise then that I know now is that in those early days I could have stepped in and been doing things to help myself. My long journey led me to search for answers and I found functional medicine and nutritional therapy. I saw the benefits first hand and I made the decision to retrain. I found my way back to my original goal of helping others and working in healthcare. It’s hard work because no two autoimmune cases are the same, there’s a lot of scientific research involved, but I absolutely love what I do.

My mission now is to help people realise they can live well with chronic illness. I truly believe that the future is personalised healthcare.

What are your top 3 things you do to look after yourself and your wellness?

  1. For me fresh air is a big thing, it doesn't have to be exercise, just being in nature, in the countryside does wonders for your health, both physical and mental.

  2. Movement, I prefer this word to exercise. For many with burnout, fatigue, or autoimmunity, exercise can be a real issue. Many practitioners will say do more push yourself, but I've been there I know it's not always possible. Movement is the key, whether it's stretches, a gentle walk, yoga, or just doing some work around the house. Also learning how to pace yourself is a fundamental part of balancing autoimmunity.

  3. Good sleep is my third key tip. I implement a sleep routine with so many of my patients and it can be so effective. Sleep is an essential component to living with autoimmunity.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given with regards to your business that you would pass on to someone thinking of starting their own?

Done is better than perfect!

As a bit of a perfectionist I can find myself easily procrastinating on launching anything as it's maybe not quite perfect. But nothing is more important than getting the information out there to people. Done and published is miles better than perfect and unseen.

Favourite quote?

I have a few but I'll go with...

The gut is not Las Vegas. What happens in the gut does not stay in the gut. - Alessio Fasano.


insta: @goode_health


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