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The Group Programme for Ambitious Nutrition Experts to Build & Grow your Practice on Solid Foundations to Support Your Dream Life.


"It has literally transformed my business. I am now booked out 2 months ahead."

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Lucy Patel, Founder Lucy Patel Nutrition

Scale Programme

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Imagine building a practice that thrives & works for you?

Imagine having a strategy in place that you know will allow you reach your goals. Building a practice that has all the foundations to grow with you in the years to come. Creating the life you want.

I've seen too many practitioners struggle to make it work as a business, but it is possible. It is more than possible. The reality is you are probably only a few steps away from bringing your income up to the next level. 

In just 10 weeks we will work on giving you all the tools you need and none of the ones you don't. Many coaches prove their worth by throwing loads of information at you, what happens? You get overwhelmed and don't get any of the steps you need to do completed. We are going to simplify your systems and get your business working for you.

Do you want to...

  • Get clients

  • Perfect your offers

  • Expand beyond 1:1 offers

  • Sell without the hard sell

  • Build a profitable business that works for you

  • Build your practice around the life you want

You Need to Scale!

Sign up with friends and you all save! Drop me an email with your and your 2 friends names and email addresses.

What is Different About SCALE?

I'm not just going to teach you and send you on your way to make the changes, no! We are going to work together on your business. You will get things DONE! Together we will work with YOUR business, the model you want to build to fit with the lifestyle that you want to create. The best way to learn is to do and the best way to get results in 10 weeks is for us to ACTION steps as we go. I will audit your plans and work for you.


The other thing that I think I can offer you as a coach is that I am also a practitioner. This training is tailored not just to the health and wellness industry, but to our health practices. Not all the tools that work for some businesses in wellness work for health practitioners. For example we have stricter rules and regulations, there are some things that in good conscience just don't sit right when running a health practice. This is tailored advice from someone who is still practicing just like you! These are tried and tested methods I've used myself. This is also more in depth business coaching than some of the other offerings and memberships tailored to nutrition that I'm sure you've heard about. That's not to say those are bad, just that this has a slightly different focus. We will work hard on your business strategy.



Build a business strategy that will set the foundations you need to build a business that leans into the life you want. We plan for the now with tools that helped me reach consistent £5k months rapidly, as well as making sure your plan is future proofed.


Create your offerings in a way that allow you scale and grow your business without the burnout. Perfect your 1:1 and build out your other offerings that create a more scaleable business, that works for you, even when you aren't sat at your desk.


Once you have your plan and offerings in place how are you going to sell your services? We look at simple hacks you can put in place to automise your systems, save you time and sell with ease.


During this powerful container you will know with confidence what your offerings are, how to deliver them effectively, how to sell them and what you have got planned for the future.
This will stop you from getting burnt out trying to make your practice work.

You will have the steps and will be moving all the time towards your end goal. 

Business planning is crucial. I already know what I'm doing this time next year, do you? 

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This is for you if...

  •  You need a clear roadmap to achieve your goals and build your dream life.

  • You need solid foundations to your business strategy to help you reach your financial goals.

  • You want to create and perfect your offerings so that they pull clients in.

  • You want to systemise and simplify, so that you are doing the things you need, but not wasting time on the things you don't, we aren't messing around here, we want a business that works for you without the burnout. 

  • You need a strategy to sell your new perfected offerings, without the ick and without the hard sell. 

  • You want to be the go to expert in your field.

Sign up with friends and you both save! Drop me an email with your and your 2 friends names and email addresses.

221 x

According to a study having someone to coach you in business has a 221% ROI. 

Are you ready to make your impact?

What's Inside?

In just 10 weeks you will have a fully formed strategy for your practice and steps laid out to reach your goals, with offerings built and ready to deliver.

  1. 10 weeks of deep dive 90min-2hr masterclasses, covering a different aspect of building your practice each week

  2. One implementation call every other week giving you time in small groups to ask your questions and get advice and support on your particular business.

  3. A group chat to support you with advice you may need in between our calls.

  4. Share work in the group and get feedback and guidance on whatever you are working on.

  5. BONUS: Because we want to get things done you also get all the support documents you need, available to download.

  6. BONUS: Weeks 11 & 12, when you finish week 10 you get access to 2 bonus weeks, want to know what they cover? You will have to sign up.

  7. BONUS: 3 months free in the membership, still need help when you finish the 10 weeks, no worries, you get an extra 3 months on the implementation calls to support you in growing your practice.

Scale Investment

The question you have to ask yourself here is can you actually afford not to invest? 

I've seen so many practitioners struggle to make it work. They go back to old jobs which they hate, or take on multiple roles and burn themselves out, or never make enough to fully commit to the business. I don't want that for you. We need more practitioners and more successful practices. 
That being said I appreciate there is an investment here, but I want to make it as easy as possible for you.

So the investment for SCALE is a 'Pay as you Practice' model, making it super easy for you to sign up. 

Pay as you Practice

Pay in Full £1800

Total cost of what you get… £10k+
Yours for just £1,800.

Be a VIP & Save

Scale & Attract

Get both the Scale & Attract programmes for 24weeks, giving you 6 months of support calls. Plus SAVE when you purchase both together. Scale to help you build your practice and Attract to help you bring in the clients with ease.

All of this for £3,800
Saving you £400

Scale & Power

Get the Scale programme and then after that get 2 Power Hours over a month. These one-to-one sessions give you that added extra support to help you implement and get the most out of Scale. We can deep dive into your practice.


All of this for £2,600
Saving you £200



SCALE is designed for those of you doing months at 0k to 3k. These strategies are the ones I used myself to build my practice to over 5k months rapidly!



I'm looking to work with people who are truly ready to implement the steps and get the results. And I'm inviting you to join!

This isn't just an online course where you need to find hours every week to work through complex information and struggle to implement it. This is a live online programme where we do the work together. The steps I give you will be easy to finalise in the week without you giving up hours of your time. But I do ask that you come to the live implementation sessions ready to take part. This will mean that we can discuss your specific business and help you to implement as we work through, so that you hit your goals.

I want to create some amazing case studies from this programme and really see you making changes and benefitting from the results.



You will want to put our bi-weekly live call in your calendar and show up to this ready to go. These will be an hour long.

If you can't make it one week don't panic you can watch the recording, but do try to join if you can, as I want to work through your business with you.

Each masterclass every week is between 1hr 15mins and 2hrs. You will want to watch this weekly as we go through, preferably before the live sessions so you are prepared. You can watch this anytime through the week to suit your schedule.

Aside from this I estimate you give yourself a couple of hours a week to work on implementation.

We will be working together and the steps will be simple and concise so you know exactly what to do. I will be expecting you to contribute to the group though and share your plans and successes.


Absolutely. That's how I started with my coach. In my opinion the sooner the better, that way you won't be having to change things you've already done. This course will get you set up for success from day 1!

And even better if you are a student, or recent graduate (last 6 months) at ION or CNM,(other colleges will be considered) send us a copy of your enrolment or graduation certificate and receive a bonus 1:1 session to use anytime throughout the Scale programme. Email us here and ask for details.

I know how much you've spent on your training so this is my way of helping you out!


Ideally you will join the implementation calls which are an hour every other week live. This is so that we can discuss the areas you are ready to implement and make sure we build them out to fit the practice you want to build and the life you want to create, because we are all different and I don't want this to be a one size fits all approach. I want you to make it work for you and your dream life and career. These calls are where I can help you do this.

That is the commitment I am asking from you, however if you can't make it one week the sessions will be recorded. You will be able to add questions into the group at any point throughout, to the group for me to answer. If you have a question that you feel would be better answered on the implementation call, but you can't attend you can wither submit your question via email prior to the call, or save your question for the following session.



Any time you invest time and money there is a risk, regardless of what you invest in. But...

Best case scenario here... you walk away with an enormous amount of work done! Your strategy and business model is set up, your practice is now scaleable, your offers set you above the rest and you are confident to sell your offerings and bring clients in. These are the strategies I used, I know they work. Yes there is still work involved and you need to implement, but you are now working on something that can succeed, will get you closer to YOUR dream life and bring you the success you want. 

But what about the worst case I hear you ask?

Ok well worst case you just can't get to grips with it, you are struggling, something just isn't falling into place. Here is what I will do for you. If you genuinely have tried to implement, but something isn't working and we think there is a hole in your strategy you've developed I will have a 1:1 chat with you to find what is holding you back or not working, because I know these strategies work.



It's easy you sign up and pay £150 now.Then you sit back and wait for week one, no more money is taken until week 2.Your first payment will be taken when you book and your second payment 7 days after your selected start date and then every week.

This is our Pay As You Practice Scheme.

Or pay in full and get started right away.


Join with 2 friends, save £400 each!

The 3 of you get the course for £1,400 each. 

Email me your 3 names and all sign up in the same week.

Nicole Goode


As well as being a fellow practitioner, running my own successful practice helping people live well with autoimmunity, I also have a background in law and business.


You've probably spent thousands qualifying in your chosen career. If like me you are Registered Practitioner that figure is probably over £15k. But you are not just a practitioner now. They've given you all the tools to be a great practitioner, but the business training is minimal. That's not what they are there for.


The reality is you could be the best practitioner in the world, but is you don't know how to run a business you might fail. There's two sides to having a practice and if you are willing to spend thousands on your study, you need to be willing to invest in the business side too.


The wellness industry is worth $4.4Trillion and by 2025 is estimated to grow to $7Trillion. Are you ready to make your impact?

I've seen so many highly skilled nutrition practitioners struggle to make their practices profitable, while influencers and less qualified people make a killing. 

This has to change, the advice out there is confusing for the consumer and the only way to solve this issue is to build reputable, successful practices within our industry that people can reach out to with confidence and trust.

Your time is now!


Image by Rafaella Mendes Diniz

“With your guidance I have reduced my working hours to fit in with my children and I'm making more monthly income! All through your ‘scaleable’ business models.”

Claire W.

Image by Štefan Štefančík

“I truly feel that my practice is now a reflection of me and what I stand for. The women I work with are better supported and I am less stressed. This is how I always imagined life as a nutritionist would be.”

Jo R.



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