What is it like to work with Nicole? Find out from some of her clients. 

Quick Notes

Claire Fox

Nicole is very easy to talk to and has a vast amount of knowledge. I would recommend Nicole to anyone wanting to improve their health.

Carol Bates

Battling fatigue is hard when you are running a business, a family and a home. Nicole has got me back to a happier, healthier version of myself.

Alexandra Hulse

The guidance was achievable and easy to consume. Nicole is friendly and caring, I have certainly seen an improvement in my symptoms. 

Eve Bottomley

Before working with Nicole I had some very clear symptoms I wanted to work on. My eyes and mouth were extremely dry and I struggled to work on a screen and talk for long periods of time. Not that I really realised at the time, but I was also extremely fatigued and had a whole host of other symptoms.

Not only are my main symptoms under control, but a whole host of other symptoms (which I hadn't realised were not normal) cleared up too. I have an entirely new attitude to my diet and lifestyle and am feeling a lot more hopeful knowing I can do something to take control of my health.

Nicole has been very informative and always has time for my questions, or even just to give reassurance. She has laid out plans for me which have been clear and worked to my budget. She is also very kind and encouraging and really roots for me - exactly what I never found with conventional medicine.

What would you say to someone thinking of working with Nicole?

The best time to start these things is now. I wasn't sure this would work for me, but I gave it a go because I just knew that something had to change. I'm extremely glad I did. All too often autoimmune disease saps people's emotional energy because it is labelled as 'incurable'. But, the feeling of hope you get from seeing yourself heal is great; it gives you a new lease of life.