What is it like to work with Nicole? Find out from some of her clients. 

Hannah White

Transform Package

When we first started working together last year, I came to you with a laundry list of painful, relentless and debilitating chronic symptoms that seemed to have developed out of nowhere a year previously. Constant fatigue, brain fog, gut issues, and unexplained tingling, to name a few, accompanied by adrenal exhaustion, were my daily default. 


I knew intuitively that something was wrong, and began searching for answers. But what made no sense to me, made total sense to you. With your knowledge and expertise, guidance and empathy, you have helped me slowly put the pieces of the puzzle back together, bit-by-bit, plan by plan, and taught me how to connect the dots to identify individual factors that feed into the bigger picture of health, some that I would never have guessed could contribute to underlying symptoms. 


You have moved me through a disorienting, isolating, and confusing state of health, into one of increasingly improved vitality, balance and understanding. For so long I could not concentrate or get a string of basic tasks done without quickly becoming drained, let alone enjoy the things I used to love. These all seemed like out-of-reach luxuries, and I felt so far from thriving. 


Through much hard work, you have given me the keys to take back control of my health again 🎉 I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, nor can I recommend your packages more. The gifts I’ve gained through Goode Health® is something I’ll never take for granted, and I will remain invested on this journey. 


You’re amazing Nicole! ♥️ Thank you. 

Quick Notes

Isla Murray

After two weeks it was like I’d taken an antidepressant . I felt more like myself than I have in 18-24 months. 

Eve Bottomley

Hi Nicole, Just seen my ophthalmologist and he said whatever I am doing is working because there is now early no evidence of damage or dryness on my eyes.


I'm so glad I took this step, Nicole always had time for me, this was a game changer. I'd spent so long getting no answers, I thought there weren't any out there, but I was wrong. 

Naomi Bellingham

Thrive Package

I now feel more positive and confident that there are things I can do that can make a difference. Working with Nicole was great. I felt confident that she understood my motivation for seeking guidance, but she still took the time to really get to grips with my personal situation. It felt very tailored and was not a "one size fits all" approach. To me, one of the most important factors in working with someone in this context is that they are kind. Nicole exudes this. It is clear that she really cares about her work and her clients.


The volume of relevant material out there is vast and confusing, but Nicole can provide real clarity, cutting out the irrelevant and focusing on what will actually help you, based on your individual circumstances. It is great to benefit from someone's in-depth study. On a more personal level, it is clear that she understands what you are going through. Her advice is structured to build up over sessions and so feels manageable and not overwhelming.

Quick Notes

Claire Fox

Nicole is very easy to talk to and has a vast amount of knowledge. I would recommend Nicole to anyone wanting to improve their health.

Carol Bates

Battling fatigue is hard when you are running a business, a family and a home. Nicole has got me back to a happier, healthier version of myself.

Alexandra Hulse

The guidance was achievable and easy to consume. Nicole is friendly and caring, I have certainly seen an improvement in my symptoms. 

Eve Bottomley

Thrive Package

Before working with Nicole I had some very clear symptoms I wanted to work on. My eyes and mouth were extremely dry and I struggled to work on a screen and talk for long periods of time. Not that I really realised at the time, but I was also extremely fatigued and had a whole host of other symptoms.

Not only are my main symptoms under control, but a whole host of other symptoms (which I hadn't realised were not normal) cleared up too. I have an entirely new attitude to my diet and lifestyle and am feeling a lot more hopeful knowing I can do something to take control of my health.

Nicole has been very informative and always has time for my questions, or even just to give reassurance. She has laid out plans for me which have been clear and worked to my budget. She is also very kind and encouraging and really roots for me - exactly what I never found with conventional medicine.

What would you say to someone thinking of working with Nicole?

The best time to start these things is now. I wasn't sure this would work for me, but I gave it a go because I just knew that something had to change. I'm extremely glad I did. All too often autoimmune disease saps people's emotional energy because it is labelled as 'incurable'. But, the feeling of hope you get from seeing yourself heal is great; it gives you a new lease of life.

Quick Notes


Thank you so much. I have learnt so many things that I have been able to put in place straight away. I'm already on the road to Goode Health.

Hannah White

One week in and I'm already noticing changes.


I no longer accept my autoimmune disease, thanks to Nicole, I will continue to do the work to improve it every day.