Ep. 40 - The Connection Between Gluten and Hashimoto’s



Episode 40


In this episode, Nicole dives deep into the significance of gluten elimination for individuals with Hashimoto’s disease, detailing six reasons why this dietary change is recommended for reducing Hashimoto’s symptoms and potentially lessening the need for medication.

Nicole also discusses the evolution of wheat to a hybrid grain, which is typically less tolerated by the body; the connection between an overactive immune system, the onset of additional autoimmune diseases and how gluten can fuel these issues.

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Episode Timestamps


Exploring the reasons to avoid gluten in Hashimoto’s


The evolution of wheat and its impact on health


Molecular Mimicry: how gluten mimics thyroid tissue


Genetic sensitivity to gluten in Hashimoto’s patients

“It’s really important that we make these nutrition and lifestyle choices that can help support out mitochondrial health, and help impact the speed of this damage so that we can slow things down and help mitochondria to functional well, for longer.”


Essential learnings from this episode…

Understanding intestinal permeabilit,  its impact on autoimmune diseases and why it’s important to address it

Molecular mimicry explains how gluten proteins can resemble thyroid tissue, leading to autoimmune attacks on the thyroid gland

Modern wheat hybrids have different protein structures than ancestral wheat, contributing to increased inflammation and gluten intolerance

Removing gluten from the diet can lead to reduced inflammation and improved health outcomes for people with Hashimoto’s

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