Ep. 32 - The Importance of Healthspan: Living Better, Not Just Longer



Episode 32

Blue Zones are regions around the world where people are known to live longer, healthier lives compared to the global average. These areas have gained attention for the high concentration of centenarians and the lower incidence of age-related diseases. But, what’s their secret? 

In this episode, Nicole discusses the concept of healthspan vs. lifespan and the shift from living longer, to living better. Nicole talks about the Blue Zones, and explains the lifestyle factors they follow that have been proven to contribute to a longer healthspan. She also shares her 5 top tips you can implement immediately to start working towards improving your own healthspan, today!

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Episode Timestamps


Understanding the difference between healthspan and lifespan


The importance of healthspan


The concept of blue zones and what they mean


5 steps to enhance your healthspan

“Living a longer life is undoubtedly appealing. It’s what we’re all striving for. But, what good is longevity without quality?”


Essential learnings from this episode…

Understanding why we should be striving for healthspan over lifespan

Adopting a nutrient-rich diet to promote overall health and resilience

Finding activities that bring you joy that can act as healthy coping mechanisms

The importance of being part of a community and staying connected

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