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The Goode Health Method is a unique approach to immune health designed by our founder Nicole Goode.

The  integrated 360˚ holistic approach to healthcare focuses on your body as a whole and you as an individual, to keep you at, or get you back to optimal immune health.

With our luxury functional health & performance wellbeing programmes we support you in living your best life and reaching your optimum potential.

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Our specialities

Nutritional Medicine 

Nutritional medicine is the application of science backed nutrition and lifestyle medical sciences to promote health, optimal performance and individualised care. Based on personalised care where each individual is unique with no one size fits all approach. Nutrients and food influence the way the body functions, protects itself against disease, restores health, and determines how a person responds to changes in the environment. Using gut health, dietary and nutrient imbalanceshormone and neurotransmitter regulation, immune function, detoxifictaion, energy processes and longevity. Nutritional medicine focuses on a 360˚ approach to the whole body, as well as considering mind, spirit and connections as part of our wellness. 



The Gut-Brain connection is a vital part of the puzzle when working on immune health. 70% of your immune system resides in the gut, if your gut isn't balanced neither is your immunity. You don't have to have gut symptoms to have gut issues!


Immune function is a key part of working with anyone on any of our services. Chronic inflammation & immune dysfunction are one of the leading underlying causes of chronic symptoms and illness in society today with just 3 of the 100 autoimmune conditions costing the healthcare system £13bn/year.



Energy is one of the most common things I see as a symptom in clinic. We all want to feel energised, clear, focused and like we used to in our 20s! Bioenergetics looks at the science of mitochondrial function & oxidative stress, it's impact on energy, brain health and longevity. The focus here is on optimising your health to give you vitality, freedom, clarity and to be the best you can be. 

Image by Lesly Juarez


The brain and the nervous system are the  control centre of our bodies, whether supporting you with neurological disease, supporting common symptoms such as brain fog, or helping you with preventative medicine of the future for optimal brain health, aging and longevity. The HPA axis looks at the link between the brain and the adrenals supporting you with stress, energy and wellness. 

Image by Jayson Hinrichsen


Detoxification looks at how the body copes with toxins that you come into contact with, how your body cleans itself up and hormone clearance. Hormones encompass sex, adrenal, stress, &  thyroid hormones and all the interconnections around the body.  With links to brain, gut, lifestyle, and immune health, detoxification can impact the whole body.

Image by Raphael Nast


Lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress and movement play a vital role in our immune health. All too often we forget to balance these to reach optimal health. The key to lifestyle factors for our health is to fit them around our routine so that they are easily integrated into our day to day.


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Immune Health

For those of you with diagnosed autoimmune disease, or unexplained chronic illness. Support your immune health and bring yourself back to wellness.


Optimal Health

For ambitious, high performers, who need to stay on top of their game and keep themselves in optimal health for wealth, power, performance and longevity. 


Health Reviews

For those of you ready to start your journey by focusing on one aspect of your immune health, these shorter packages help you get your health and wellness back on track.

I've never felt better, had the busiest week at work and was ready to feel the pressure, but I sailed through, no loss of energy, no anxiety, complete mental clarity.

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