Are you sick & tired of trying every diet, supplement and solution, but not getting the results you want?

I’ve been where you are I know how frustrating it is. Our unique group clinic experience with private consultations for people with THYROID OR IMMUNE HEALTH CONDITIONS is here.


There is another way…

The MitoImmune Way


The MitoImmune Way is not your typical health programme. It’s a revolutionary clinic experience designed by Nicole, founder & clinical director of Goode Health, that brings the power of functional medicine to you in a way that no one else does.


With our hybrid one-to-one and group format, you’re on the path to uncover the root causes of your health challenges and discover personalised solutions.

You’re over fatigue, pain, or brain fog dominating your days & you are ready to start enjoying life again & making arrangements without factoring in your health…

You’ve cut out whole food groups and restricted your diet so much you no longer know what you should be eating and what your shouldn’t.

You take your medication, but things don’t improve as much as your hoped, or they were improving and then plateaued.

Symptoms flare up with stress, times of illness, or sometimes for reasons you can’t pinpoint.

You want to make plans and enjoy life without having to plan everything around your health, or cancel at the last minute. 

You’ve been told your tests are normal and there’s nothing else you can do

You feel grief for the old you, your confidence has taken a hit and you long to be back to your former self.

Frustration hits as you try to figure things out for yourself, maybe friends and family don’t quite understand your symptoms and you feel alone.

Anxiety or depression impact your mind and you’ve lost your motivation or spark for life.

You know you need support if you are going to enjoy life again and you are ready to find underlying imbalances, get answers and see real results.


Imagine if you could..

Know what foods to eat and enjoy food again

Feel energised and ready to live the life you want

Manage stress to reduce flare ups

Have mental clarity again and take back control of your health

Get back to your old self and find freedom again

Choose to go to social occasions without fear or panic

Enjoy time with your family, play with your children, take that holiday and more

Perform at work, get all the success you deserve without triggering your condition

Stop having to think about your health!

You’ve probably tried removing gluten and dairy, or other food groups, you may have done the AIP diet, but you feel restricted & nothing has really worked. I know how frustrating it is to put in the effort, but not get the results you want. I spent more than a decade searching for answers & losing hope, until I found functional medicine. It’s not your fault…Getting to the root cause & dealing with imbalances in the right order makes all the difference to your journey, you just need someone in your corner who understands you & knows how to make it work




The MitoImmune Way.


How is this programme different?

Hybrid One-to-One and Group Format

We understand that no two individuals are the same. That’s why we offer both one-on-one consultations and group sessions, creating a balanced and holistic approach to healing.

Root Cause Discovery

We don’t just look at symptoms; we delve deep to uncover the underlying causes of your health issues. With one-to-one consultations  “The MitoImmune Way” is all about finding and addressing your particular root causes for lasting results.

One-to-One Consultations

The best of both worlds. You’ll have one-on-one time with Nicole to ensure your individual concerns are heard and addressed. You get personalised support so that we can build you bespoke programmes based on your health, your body and your underlying imbalances.

Group Sessions Tailored to Your Needs

Group sessions are dynamic and designed to meet the unique needs of the group at any given time. There are no set modules around here, we work on what you need. This ensures you’re always receiving the support and information you require.

Personalised Plans and Supplement Programmes

Nicole, will work closely with you to develop personalised health plans and supplement programmes. Your journey to optimal health is uniquely tailored to your needs and goals.

Functional Testing (VIP Option)

For those seeking a deeper dive into their health, our VIP option includes our comprehensive functional testing package. Uncover crucial insights that guide your path to wellness with precision.

Just please do this for yourself. I deliberated in taking this route as I was so convinced no one could figure out what was wrong. Within two months of working Nicole, we figured out the root cause and I started to see a lifting of symptoms.

Within three months I was back to living an almost normal life again.



What you get when you join…

A Functional Health Assessment

A 90min FHA to kickstart your journey. This is how I kickstart 1:1 clinic with all clients. We dig deep into your health history and your life story which reveal a big part of the picture with regards to root causes. We plan out a roadmap for the 3 months ahead of you, so you know which areas of your health are in need of support.

A Supplement Consult

A 1:1 consultation. We do a review of your health conditions, current supplements and medications. We then look at the roadmap we designed in your initial FHA and draw up a personalised supplement plan for you to help support you on your journey. You also get 10% discount on all supplements.

Hot Seat Sessions

One Hot Seat Session Call per month. Book a 20min session to be in the hot seat and get 1:1 support on your case. Or join the call and listen and learn from others in the hot seat. This is a group call but with the opportunity to get 1:1 support. It gives you more time with Nicole to deep dive into an area of your health.

Open House Calls

One Open House Call per month. An open call for you to bring your questions to, get support and move your protocols forwards. This is your time to get the answers you need or support in areas you are struggling with.  

Mini Trainings to Deep Dive into a specific area

Mini recorded or live trainings to allow Nicole to deep dive into a specific area of health. We know that people who understand how their body works and how the changes they need to implement will impact their body are more likely to make lasting changes.

WhatsApp Group Chat

The journey with thyroid or immune conditions can be hard and many people talk about feeling alone. This is where the group element can be beneficial and having someone in your corner when you need is invaluable. The WhatsApp group chat is open anytime and Nicole will answer questions to provide tips Monday-Thursday between 9am and 5pm.

A Dashboard of Resources

A private portal for you to log in to and download Goode Health Resources. You also get access to all the smaller plans and programmes available and any new ones released. There are guides, tools, meal plans, recipes books and more. 

VIP: Your Functional Testing Package

If you join with our testing package we will get these moving straight away at the start of the programme so that you can use them to guide your journey. You will get a comprehensive gut test, an adrenal test and a thyroid test sent to your home. All testing can be completed at home without the need to visit a clinic. 

VIP: A Functional Testing Consultation

Once your results are back in you will have a 1:1 consultation with Nicole where you will run through all your results and build them into your roadmap and picture of your health so that you understand your results, how they impact your body and how to use them to benefit your health. 


Bonuses when you join…

Jump to the top of the waitlist for my 1:1 clinic

If you go through the programme and decide you want more support and you want to continue your health journey byou can jump to the top of the waitlist to work with me in clinic and we will get you in as soon as possible.

Join with a friend and you both save

Join with a friend or family member and save. If two of you join together you both get 10% off the programme. To get a code for your discount just drop us an email and let us know both your names at

Bonus guest expert sessions around various topics

To cover other areas and modalities within health and self care we may bring in guest experts to provide special trainings and sessions. 


The Pillars of The MitoImmune™  Method

The MitoImmune Method is my unique approach to healing and living well with thyroid and immune conditions. Created based on my clinic experience to provide a science-led, whole body approach to your care. We take all the main systems that are interlinked in your body and look at your body as a whole, but you as an individual. Often when you’ve tried lots of things to heal, but not seen the results, it’s because you are missing a piece of the puzzle. My unique method helps you become a health detective and find the missing pieces so that you can finally see the results you want to live your life free from health constraints.

01. Mitochondrial Health

The mitochondria are the powerhouses of every cell in your body and they easily become damaged in chronic health conditions. With thyroid and autotimmune cases fatigue is a common problem, we have to look to the mitochondria.

02. Immune Health

In thyroid and autoimmune conditionsit is vital to balance our a immune function. With these conditions our immune system could be underactive or in overdrive. Neither is beneficial – underactive and we get sick all the time – over active and we are driving the autoimmunity leading to flare ups and possibly relapses, making symotoms worse and potentially harming our future health. 

03. Thyroid Health

We look to balance your thyroid both the thryoid function and the autoimmune processes. Three parts of your thyroid pathway can be malfunctioning when you have a thyroid condition, the medication works on one part the TSH, but not on how you convert thyroid hormones from T4 to T3 or the T3 then being bioavailable so it can be taken up and used by the cells in the body. We also then look at the autoimmune processes involved with teh aim of balancing your symptoms, improving your prognosis and protecting your future. Thyroid imbalances are one of the more common imbalances in people over 40 even if they don’t have a thyroid diagnosis. 

04. Brain Health

Brain fog is a very common symptom in thyroid and immuen health conditions. We work to bring back mental clarity and optimise memory and performance. The thryoid is also highly linked to the brain and in thyroid conditions some areas of the brain function can be impaired such as that that manages balance.

05. Adrenal Health

The adrenals are impacted in almost all chronic health cases I work on. Not only is stress a trigger for autoimmunity and chronic health cases, it is also a driver and it is stressful going through the process of managing a health condition. All of this leads to adreanal fatigue and burnout. The adrenals are also highly interlinked with your thyroid, brain and hormones amongst other areas. 

06. Gut Health

More than 70% of your immune system resides in the gut, so as well as it’s links around the body it is key in looking at immune function. Many underlying root causes of thyroid and immune health conditions, such as intestinal permeability or bacteria overgrowths, are also in the gut. So we dig deep into gut health. 

06. Hormone Health

Our hormones are linked all over our body especisally to other hormone producing areas such as the thryoid and adrenals. Hormone imbalances are a common issue for many with thyroid or immune health conditions. 

06. Cardiometabolic Health

Cardiometabolic health is not only a foundational pillar of optimal health it also covers things like blood sugar balance, which are known common underlying imbalances in thyroid and immune health conditions. Bringing the body back to balnace can help reduce symptoms, improve overall wellbeing and reduce the risk of flare ups. 


Don’t feel like working in clinic is out of your reach!

Don’t settle for generic solutions or one-size-fits-all approaches.

Ditch endless restrictive diets that don’t get you the results you want.

Ditch the confusion and get clear on what you actually need to do for you.


Embrace ‘The MitoImmune Way’ and take control of your health with the personalised care and support you deserve.

Your questions not answered here.

Contact us at

Your questions answered.

01 / Who is it for?

Those with thyroid conditions, autoimmune disease or unexplained symptoms who are looking for answers and ready to dig deep into their root causes to get answers. There are no quick fixes to optimal health, this is a comprehensive approach to your health, it’s for those committed to making changes and getting results. I know you’ve probably been told your labs are normal, there’s nothing else that can be done, it’s in your head, or you just feel unheard and not understood. This programme is here to fix that. 

02 / Is this another online course or programme?

No this is a version of working with me like I do with my 1:1 clients. It’s not set modules in a format of week one we cover this, this is fluid and what we cover depends on the groups needs at the time. Everyone is different and while so much of what you go thorugh will cross over with others in the group adn you can go on the journey together, this programme is like working 1:1.

03 / Can you still personalise plans in the programme?

Absolutely! I’m an advocate for personalised care being the key to getting people the results I see in clinic with my 1:1 clients. That is why I wanted to create a programme that still allowed people this flexibility. It’s been a long time in the making becasue I was passionate about being able to offer that level of personalisation to those who join.

04 / Will we get personalised supplement plans on the programme?

Yes. As a fully registered, insured and qualified practitioner we uphold certain professional and ethical standards. What this means is that those practitioners who’re fully qualified cannot give out supplement advice in a group programme or course, this is because while supplements seem safe they can be contraindicated in some health conditions, and interact with other supplements and medications. Therefore as part of this programme you get 1:1 consultations and part of this is providing you with a bespoke supplement plan.

05 / Do we actually get time with Nicole & work with her on our health?

Yes. You will work closely with me within this programme, in both 1:1 and group settings. All your 1:1 calls will be with me. It’s important that I get to know your case and your history so that we can build out your plans as you go through this journey in a way that tailors them to you. 

06 / Can we have functional testing done on the programme?

Yes. You can join the programme with or without a functional testing package. We can do a lot of work via your health history, but functional testing allows us to dig deeper and get answers quicker. If you would like to undertake the functional testing you will find the option available below when you join. 


It was so worthwhile doing the testing…

I can’t believe how much information you get, I can see why you love your job it’s like being a detective, it’s great. 



Thank you for advocating for me when others haven’t…

I’m not getting the 4/5pm slump. In the words of my GP, ‘the functional medicine world is 10-15years ahead of the NHS for testing and diagnosing chronic illness’. This says it all really. 



I am so beyond grateful I found Nicole…

As I don’t think I would EVER have gotten better as quickly if I had done this solo. I can work out, do full days of work (I couldn’t be out of house for more than 2 hours before).





or £999 with testing

3 monthly payments minimum 


Or pay in full for 3 months and save…

£1,500 or
£2,800 with testing

I’m Nicole, Thyroid, Immune & Optimal Health Specialist.

I’m here to help you balance your health.

  • Creator of The MitoImmune Method
  • Founder of The Goode Health Clinic
  • Winner of Best Functional Medicine Clinic UK – 2023
  • Host of The Goode Health Podcast – No. 11 in the Alt. Health Apple Podcast Charts
  • A Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • A Registered Nutritional Therapist BANT CNHC
  • A BANT Registered Nutritionist
  • Mentor to Nutrition Practitioners
  • Media Contributor – Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Thrive Global
  • Tatler Approved Nutritionist

Nicole is one of the UK’s leading voices on immune health and optimal health, a specialist in autoimmune diseases, further specialised into thyroid and fatigue conditions and optimising health and longevity for creatives & ambitious high achiever’s. Providing bespoke, personalised functional medicine programmes for clients worldwide.

Post Grad Specialist in Autoimmune Disease, Longevity & Optimal Health, Thyroid Health, Mitochondrial Health, Fatigue Conditions, Neurological Conditions.










Choose a Payment Option & Enroll Today

The MitoImmune Way

£555  x 3

Minimum 3 months membership 

Access the programme, start straight away, split your payment into monthly installments or save by paying in full.

VIP Access With Testing

£999  x 3

Minimum 3 months membership

Access the programme and the testing package, start straight away, split your payment or save by paying in full. 


Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I get started?

Simple choose the option you would like to join on – with or without testing – pay in full or pay in installments – choose the plan below hit join and enter your details. You will be able to get strated straight away and we will be in touch to help get you onboarded. 

02. What if I can't make a session?

You will be able to catch up on sessions, but we advise you join as much as possible, because it is being an active participant in your journey that helps you succeed. If you do miss a session and need to ask a question you do of course have the WhatsApp open daily. 

03. I'm already doing things to benefit my health is this programme still suitable for me?

Yes. If you are here I’m assuming your health isn’t where you want it to be. Often people who start working with me are doing lots of things to try and improve their health but they aren’t seeing the results they want, or they don’t know whether the changes they are making are actually benefitting their health. Often people are actually doing things they don’t need to and are on a more restrictive diet than necessary. With expert advice you can be sure to get back to as much freedom as possible. 

04. What if I want to carry on after the 3 months?

Your space is yours for as long as you want it, if you wish to carry on you absolutely can for as long as you want.

05. Can I work with you one-to-one?

You can choose to work with me one-to-one instead if you wish for a higher investment. My minimum time working with clients on this level is 6 months and includes a testing package. I only work with a small number of 1:1 clients at a time to allow me to be able to offer high touch support, therfore there may be a waitlist. You can apply here