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For those highest performers looking for health, wealth & success. Unleash your full potential.

Elevate your life, improve your energy, find clarity & knowledge around your health to match your success. 

INNER CIRCLE will transform you to the best version of yourself, so that you can perform at the top of your game without limitations & take yourself and your success to the next level without sacrificing yourself, your family, or your health.

This exclusive one-to-one service is only available to the highest of achievers, with very limited access to the THE SECRET, is it time for you to join this elite club

This is for you if...

You are ready to elevate your life to the next level.

You are ready to get clear on your health stats. 

You already know that growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. 

You are ready to commit to success, commit to health & longevity, commit to yourself. 

This is not for you if...

You wholeheartedly believe in waiting for disease or illness before working on it.

You believe solely in drug therapy or surgery as the answer to disease or illness.

You struggle to commit, not time, but to yourself, to improving, to creating a better version of you.

You are not ready for next level elevated performance & success.

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The Method...

The Goode Health Method is a proven & tested strategy to achieve Optimal Health.

Combining functional, nutritional & lifestyle medicine, The Goode Health Method advances your performance through a scientific approach 360˚ holistic healthcare.

Together we will deep dive into your health to create and implement a highly personalised plan that enables you to achieve optimal wellbeing that matches and elevates your professional success. 

I know you are busy, so these luxury containers implement plans that fit into your lifestyle and focus on getting you the results you want, while you focus on your goals and success.

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How it works?

Over 12 Months together we will...

Optimise your energy levels & adrenal function.

Look at how your body is coping with life and success. Optimise these areas to feel better, more energised and to be more productive.

Heal your gut.

Balance your immune function, keep healthy and enhance your longevity. Create an optimal gut health environment to prevent disease and balance your health to keep you on top form for all the success still to come your way.

Balance your hormones & reduce your toxic burden.

Some of the most common factors in flagging health, energy, brain power and success. Hormones are one of the keys to longevity and enhanced performance.

Enhance your thyroid.

Linked to both your hormones and your adrenals, the thyroid is one of the most under checked parts of the body and yet in the health system one of the most common. Prevention is better than cure.

Personalise by performing & eating to your genes.

Design a programme that is bespoke and tailored to you and your DNA, how can you live your best live the way you were designed to. 

Reprogramming neural pathways.

Use neuroplasticity to build a sustainable, conscious and practical lifestyle, that fits around your goals and allows you to build your next level, exceptional life.

What's included...

Through this premium experience...

Your concierge will set you up to start your year with comprehensive functional health tests, followed by access to our intensive with Nicole. This acts as a huge kick start to your health and wellness optimisation journey. You will receive a luxury welcome pack with tools, tech and guidance to help you throughout the year, designed for you by Nicole. During this time you will review your tests results with Nicole and decide on the best route forwards to work with your schedule. Nicole will then build you a personalised plan with simple sustainable health, nutrition, & lifestyle goals. 

You will get access to monthly check in's with Nicole and quarterly functional testing with reviews and plans for moving you to the next stage of your journey. We will be constantly expanding the vision of what is possible for you and your health goals. At year end you will have a comprehensive review with Nicole, should you wish to continue you will retain your place in The Secret for as long as you desire

This programme is a one year commitment as it is designed to fully transform your health and optimise your performance. Should you feel at any time that you need support you will be able to contact your concierge to book extra one-to-one sessions with Nicole.

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This is the The Secret.

Optimise Your Health to Match Your Wealth

Eat for Health.
Optimise for Wealth.
Live for Performance.

Your Team


Your Functional Nutritionist & Performance Health Specialist

Nicole will be work on all aspects of your case, giving you one set of eyes on all your health & performance needs.


You will be allocated a concierge who will be on hand to support your journey, reduce any paperwork for you, organise your appointments and liaise with any other practitioners, or doctors, you wish you share your case with. Your concierge will be able to liaise directly with you, or with your permission with your PA.


Get in Touch Here to Apply

Think you should be in THE SECRET fill in the form here to find out more and apply.


© Nicole Goode 2023

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