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A VIP experience of luxury health & wellness transformation. Release your peak performance.

Live Longer, Live Healthier, Live for undeniable Success.

THE VIP is an optimal health transformation programme for high performing individuals. Helping you achieve optimal wellness to match and elevate you success.

This VIP one-to-one service is for you if you are ready to impact your health and create freedom, joy & vitality. You have one body, one mind, one you. There is no plan b. Is it time for your INTENSIVE.

This is for you if...

You are ready to take your energy, performance & longevity to the next level.

You are ready to elevate your brain power, concentration & productivity to elevate your success.

You want to remove limitations of fading energy, stress & brain fatigue.

You are ready to make sustainable, mindful choices to nourish your body, mind & soul for success.

This is not for you if...

You are going to use time as an excuse, this is not about devoting masses of time, this is about committing to yourself & your future.

You are not ready to invest in yourself to achieve your health, wellbeing & performance goals.

You wholeheartedly believe in waiting for disease or illness before working on it.

You are not ready for next level elevated performance & success.

The people who get results here are those who are ready to step up, ready to make change for the better, ready to see beyond their current success to next level dreams and commit & trust in themselves and their next level power.

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The Method...

The Goode Health Method is a proven & tested strategy to achieve Optimal Health.

Combining functional, nutritional & lifestyle medicine, The Goode Health Method advances your performance through a scientific approach 360˚ holistic healthcare.

Together we will deep dive into your health to create and implement a highly personalised plan that enables you to achieve optimal wellbeing that matches and elevates your professional success. 


I know you are busy, so these luxury containers implement plans that fit into your lifestyle and focus on getting you the results you want, while you focus on your goals and success.

How it works?

Over your VIP day together we will...

Assess your health with functional testing.

We will run the tests prior to your day so we can deep dive into your results and health statistics, understand your body and know your genes, to make healthy choices for you. 

Review your results to optimise your health.

Understand your body, optimise your wellness, create longevity & anti-ageing power. Set your body up for healthwealth and performance.

Set goals for your health, wellness & success.

Work on your mind to realise your next level success and dreams. See your full potential when you know your body and mind are supported to help you push the boundaries of what you believe is possible for you. 

Build a personalised programme.

Create a sustainable, simple health plan for you to implement and create lasting change. Built from your functional test results, your health history, your family history and your genes, know you are giving your body the best platform to succeed.

Take a holistic, integrative approach.

Heal your gut, balance your hormones, optimise your energy and eat to your genesThis is a full body holistic experience that supports all aspects of your health, rather than targeting one aspect. 

Reprogramming neural pathways.

Use neuroplasticity to build a sustainable, conscious and practical lifestyle, that fits around your goals and allows you to build your next level, exceptional life.

What's included...

Through this premium experience...

Your concierge will set you up with your luxury welcome hamper and comprehensive functional health tests, which can all be taken in the comfort of your home or if you prefer office. When we have estimated dates for your results to come back your concierge will be in touch to set up your VIP luxury day. This day can be taken in person or online, taking the day online will not mean missing out on any aspect, we have carefully curated our welcome pack to make sure you get access to all parts of the experience. Your welcome hamper will contain tools, tech and guidance to help you prior, throughout and beyond your VIP day, with yer long access to some of our gifts. 


Once your day arrives you will deep dive into sessions with Nicole based around your results and health needs. But it won't all be work, there will be some time for relaxation and wellness experiences and of course a healthy lunch. Together with Nicole you will build a personalised plan with simple sustainable health, nutrition, & lifestyle goals. Each person's day may have small differences as your day is designed bespoke for you and your health needs, from your history and test results.


Should you wish to continue with support you will jump to the top of the waitlist for THE SECRET. If you already know you want this level of support all year you can get the VIP as part of the The Secret experience. 


This is the VIP Experience.

Optimise Your Health to Match Your Wealth

Eat for Health.
Optimise for Wealth.
Live for Performance.

Your Team


Your Functional Nutritionist & Performance Health Specialist

Nicole will be work on all aspects of your case, giving you one set of eyes on all your health & performance needs.


You will be allocated a concierge who will organise your functional health tests and set up your VIP luxury experience. Your concierge will be able to liaise directly with you, or with your permission with your PA.


Get in Touch Here to Apply

Ready to make a huge impact on your health with THE VIP fill in the form here to find out more and apply.


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