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Autoimmunity & Fatigue Specialists

Whether you are suffering with autoimmunity, chronic illness, unexplained symptoms, or fatigue, learn to take back control of your health


Nicole specialises in helping women with autoimmunity 

beat fatigue, banish brain fog and bring themselves back to Goode Health. 

"The future is personalised healthcare."

Live well with chronic illness and enjoy life again.

Let me help you...

"I know how you feel, because I've been where you are."

-Nicole Goode

I have been where you are and I know how you feel, but I truly believe in the power of clinical nutrition and functional medicine for helping you to take back control of your own health. No fad diets just evidence-based science to help you live your best life. I have suffered with autoimmune disease and as a result burnout. I know what it's like to wake up tired, have that 3pm energy dip, as well as the symptoms that come with my autoimmunity.


But you can live healthily with autoimmunity and you can recover from burnout. The two often come together because with autoimmunity we get no answers and we keep pushing through until we burnout.

I want to use my knowledge and my skills to help you live your best life. It's time to stop going round in circles and finally get some help and take back control of your health.

Using functional medicine and nutrition I can help you get to the root cause of your symptoms, manage your symptoms or condition, deal with flare ups and prevent further autoimmunity in your future. I can also help you get back to your full potential without burning yourself out, so that you can achieve your best life.

Join me on your journey to Goode Health

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Meet Nicole Goode...

Functional Medicine Practitioner 

Registered Nutritional Therapist

BANT Registered Nutritionist® 

Hi I'm Nicole 

BANT and CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapist, BANT Registered Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner and the founder of Goode Health®. 

Having suffered with autoimmune disease myself and knowing all too well what that journey is like, my mission is to support women who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, or who are suffering with chronic illness and unexplained symptoms and can't  find the relief they deserve. I want to help you regain the life you had and the one I know you can experience again. 

Is this you?..

Lacking energy

Suffering with brain fog

Anxious or overwhelmed

Chronic pain

Gut issues

Unexplained symptoms

Are you fed up of...

Being told there's nothing you can do

Feeling like you've lost control

Not being understood or heard

Going to practitioner after practitioner

Getting no answers

Trying everything, but nothing works

The Goode Health Approach...

Personalised, science based, patient centred care to promote optimal wellness.

Fully insured and registered to provide functional medicine and nutritional therapy services, specialising in autoimmune disease and fatigue with a personalised approach to their management. Working on both management of disease and chronic symptoms, as well as a preventative approach. As a functional health practice we take a  whole body approach looking at the root causes of disease and triggers by focusing on the body and the mind. Let's connect to help meet your needs, boost your energy, improve your brain fog, reduce your anxiety and balance your gut, so you can start enjoying life again. 


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Want to work one-to-one with Nicole?...

Working one-to-one with Nicole is the ultimate way to achieve personalised bespoke healthcare. If you are ready to make the commitment to improve your health you can apply to work with Nicole now, after which you will receive a FREE, no obligation, discovery call so that Nicole can learn a little more about what you would like to achieve and you can learn more about how Nicole can help you.

Spaces to work one-to-one with Nicole are limited so that each patient can receive the full attention they deserve, so apply now to secure your place.

Your journey to Goode Health®

starts here.

What Nicole Specialises In...

Energy & Adrenal Fatigue

Autoimmune Disease

Unexplained Symptoms



Future Prevention


Nicole is very easy to talk to and has a vast amount of knowledge. I would recommend Nicole to anyone wanting to improve their health.

- Claire

One week in and I'm already noticing changes.


Battling fatigue is hard when you are running a business, a family and a home. Nicole has got me back to a happier, healthier version of myself. 


The guidance was achievable and easy to consume. Nicole is friendly and caring, I have certainly seen an improvement in my symptoms. 



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