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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

01. what is your approach at goode health.

Our approach is science led, meaning we use the latest research to guide your care. We work on a holistic 360 degree approach, integrating your health needs into one place. Our method is to look at your as an individual, but your body as a whole, to provide bespoke, personalised health plans. 

02. what conditions do you work with.

Nicole specialised into autoimmunity & longevity and optimal health. We see clients with all autoimmune diseases, whether diagnosed or suspected, Nicole has extra post grad training in thyroid, brain and fatigue (inc. dysautonomias) conditions. We also work with clients with adrenal dysfunction/burnout, or those who want to optimise their health, for performance and success.

03. can you provide functional testing.

Nicole has partnerships with worldwide global leaders in functional medicine including practitioner only supplement companies, testing laboratories (inc. from USA), to assess health, discover underlying imbalances and root causes of sub optimal health. In doing so Nicole works with clients on their own personal health history, root causes and genetics to achieve long lasting, effective results, providing optimal health status. 

04. will we get to actually work with nicole.

Absolutely. How much depends on which service you book, but all our courses and private clinic are ran by Nicole. 

05. I can't afford private coaching can you still support me.

Of course. As well as private clinic we have our thyroid freedom course and more of these will be launching in due course. We also have our bundles to help guide you on your path to Goode Health.

06. do you work with companies or brands.

Yes. We can provide services to corporates who are looking to support their employees, either at managerial level, or for the entire workforce. These are bespoke services dependent upon your needs. I do also work with a select few brands with whom I have shared values. Please contact us using the form above or email us at info@nicolegoodehealth.com.