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Following on from studying law, Nicole decided to step out of the corporate world to focus on her health. Upon finding functional medicine Nicole knew she wanted to retrain to be able to help others. 


Nicole is one of the UK's leading voices on immune health and optimal health, a specialist in autoimmune diseases and optimising health for ambitious high achiever's, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Registered Nutritional Therapist, BANT Registered Nutritionist and a writer.


Nicole is a Tatler top recommended nutritionist in the UK and has been featured in publications such as Marie Claire and Women's Health. Providing bespoke, personalised functional medicine programmes for clients worldwide.

Nicole has partnerships with worldwide global leaders in functional medicine including practitioner only supplement companies, testing laboratories (inc. from USA), to assess health, discover underlying imbalances and root causes of sub optimal health. In doing so Nicole works with clients on their own personal health history, root causes and genetics to achieve long lasting, effective results, providing optimal health status. 

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Nicole always new that autoimmune disease, neurological and brain health would be the focus of her clinic having suffered with her own health, which is what led Nicole to find functional medicine. Nicole spent fifteen years battling with conventional medicine and diagnoses before finally being diagnosed with an autoimmune neurological disorder.

Fatigue played a huge part in Nicole's own health story having started her journey with Epstein Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue, later suffering with dysautonomia. 

Having specialised into autoimmunity Nicole was inundated with thyroid cases and staggered by the lack of support that these patients found within conventional medicine. Having experienced this failure of healthcare Nicole carried out further post grad training into thyroid care and clinical strategies. Thyroid cases now make up a huge part of the Goode Health Clinic.

Functional, Nutritional & Lifestyle medicine are all focused on the root causes of disease and the interconnections around the body. Through clinical practice Nicole saw the connections between the thyroid, brain and fatigue cases and developed The Goode Health Method to support immune health. 

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Nicole is one of the country's leading immune health experts and the founder of a successful clinic supporting people worldwide with autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue syndromes.

The idea for optimising health was already percolating due to the preventative nature of functional medicine, but then came Nicole's own experience with it, where her father with a seemingly benign cold, developed severe pneumonia, which applied pressure to the heart and put him into essentially heart failure.

If he hadn't of been in such good health, without underlying imbalances, according to the doctors, he very likely would not be here today. Had he of had even simple things that many people silently have, such as elevated blood pressure, or blood sugar, or cholesterol, had he of been more complacent with his health, the ending to the story could have been very different.

The experience made Nicole realise that everyone should have the opportunity to keep themselves in optimal health, to give themselves the best chance possible at living longer, healthier & happier. Not only that but the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability and be the best version of themselves. Nicole has her own experience with reaching burnout and the impact of that on her health, her ability to work and perform the way she knew she could and everything that is lost when you don't place yourself as your number on

The immune system is highly linked to preventative health, so with more training in longevity, aging and the role of the immune system in preventative medicine, the idea for Optimal Health was born.

The mission... for high performers to know their body, feed their mind, understand their health & never have to sacrifice to achieve  success.

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LLB(hons) Law

Registered Nutritional Therapist MBANT CNHC

Registered Nutritionist BANT

Functional Medicine Practitioner AFMCP



Autoimmune Clinical Strategies

Thyroid & Hashimoto's Clinical Strategies

Chronic Fatigue & Pain Disorders

Gastrointestinal Health

Neuroinflammation Clinical Strategies

Longevity & Aging

Taken with The Institute for Functional Medicine, National University of Health Sciences & Kharrazian Institute (Advanced Post Grad) amongst others. 

Nicole also holds a LLB(hons) Law and studied Neuroscience at the University of Manchester.


Senior Associate Royal Society of Medicine

Institute for Functional Medicine, Registered Practitioner

British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Professional StandardsAuthority for Health & Social Care (PSA)



Tel: 07834 880 101 

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