The MitoImmune™ Detoxification Support

4 Week Done For You Plan

Welcome to a transformative journey that goes beyond mere surface-level detox trends. Introducing the MitoImmune Detoxification Support 4-Week Plan – a comprehensive plan meticulously designed to harmonise with your body’s natural detoxification pathways. Prepare to unlock the potential of your wellbeing as you embark on a journey that not only supports detoxification but also empowers you to thrive from the inside out.

In a world filled with environmental pollutants, stressors, and the challenges of modern living, your body’s detoxification systems can become overburdened. The MitoImmune Detoxification Support Plan recognises the science-backed importance of these pathways and offers you a blueprint to invigorate your health and vitality. This is not just a detox; it’s a commitment to optimising your body’s natural abilities for long-term wellbeing.


Does any of this sound familiar?

Chronic Fatigue and Low Energy

Inefficient detoxification pathways can lead to a buildup of toxins in the body, which can contribute to chronic fatigue and low energy levels. These toxins can interfere with energy production at the cellular level and leave you feeling drained and lethargic.

Digestive Distress and Hormonal Imbalances

When your body struggles to effectively detoxify, toxins can accumulate in the gut and disrupt the balance of gut microbiota. This imbalance can lead to digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and constipation. Additionally, hormonal imbalances can occur as toxins interfere with the body’s hormone regulation, potentially leading to irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, and more.

Skin Issues and Allergies

Skin is one of the organs involved in detoxification, and when the detox pathways are compromised, the skin may be tasked with eliminating excess toxins. This can manifest as skin issues like acne, rashes, or eczema. Furthermore, an overwhelmed detox system can contribute to heightened sensitivities and allergies.

Brain Fog and Cognitive Challenges

Toxins that accumulate in the body due to impaired detoxification pathways can also impact the brain, leading to brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and memory issues. This can affect your cognitive function, productivity, and overall mental clarity.

You’re experiencing these problems because…

Toxin Overload: Accumulation of environmental toxins from food, air, and personal care products can overwhelm your body’s detoxification pathways, contributing to a range of health challenges.

Inefficient Liver Function: A compromised liver, a key player in detoxification, can struggle to process toxins effectively, leading to a buildup of harmful substances in the body.

Nutrient Imbalances: Insufficient nutrients necessary for detoxification processes can hinder the body’s ability to neutralise and eliminate toxins.

Gut Dysbiosis: An imbalanced gut microbiome can impair detoxification pathways, as the gut plays a crucial role in breaking down and eliminating waste products.

Oxidative Stress: Excessive toxins can trigger oxidative stress, damaging cells and contributing to chronic inflammation, a hallmark of many health issues. Protecting yourself against oxidative stress is key to preventative medicine and longevity.

Hormonal Disruption: Poor detoxification can disrupt hormone balance, leading to irregularities in menstrual cycles, mood swings, and more.

Skin Troubles: Inadequate support for detoxification pathways can manifest as skin issues such as acne, rashes, and dull complexion, affecting your confidence.

Cognitive Fog: Toxins that affect the brain can lead to cognitive challenges, including difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, and mental fatigue.


Imagine if you had..

Elevated Energy and Vitality

Experience a profound shift in your energy levels as your body sheds the burden of accumulated toxins. The MitoImmune Detoxification Support Plan revitalises your cellular function leaving you feeling invigorated and ready to seize each day.

Radiant Skin and Hair

Cleanse your body from within, as toxins are eliminated, you’ll notice clearer, glowing skin and lustrous hair that reflect your internal wellbeing.

Weight Loss and Metabolic Balance

Discover a healthier approach to weight management as your body efficiently processes toxins and excess waste. As your metabolism finds its equilibrium with detoxification, you may experience sustainable weight loss.

Fortified Immune Function and Cellular Health

By supporting your detoxification pathways, you’ll enhance immune responses and cellular resilience, equipping your body to better ward off illnesses and maintain overall wellbeing.




Detoxification is not about deprivation; it’s about equipping your body to efficiently remove toxins and embrace vitality. Backed by the principles of Functional Medicine, our plan recognises the intricate role of detoxification pathways in promoting optimal health. By nourishing your body with targeted nutrition and lifestyle practices, you’re empowering your body to thrive in the face of modern challenges.

With the 4-Week Done For You Plan, you’ll dive into the heart of the MitoImmune Method. You’ll experience my unique science-led plans to support your body’s natural detoxification pathways, enhance your energy production and restore your body to balance.

“My body feels cleansed and like it’s functioning to the best of it’s ability again.”



You´ll get this amazing benefits that will fit your needs

It´s time saving

Our done for you plans are designed to save you time and give you everything you need to implement changes straight away.

It´s science led wellness

All our plans and programmes are designed around our unique MitoImmune Method, which has been created around the latest scientific research.

It´s done for you

Cut through the noise of the industry and get meal plans, shopping lists and prep tips done for you with this 4 week programme. 

It fits your needs

Think you are too busy to start a nutrition plan, think again, fit this plan into your lifestyle with ease using the prep tips and done for you shopping lists.

It´s lifetime access

Want to run the programme again, no problem! With lifetime access to the plan you can use the 4 week plan over and over again.

It´s cost effective

This is available at a super low cost price making it accessible to all and you get access to 7 bonuses and can get 3 for 2 when you purchase all the plans.


Here’s what you get in this 4 week program:


4 Weekly Nutrition Meal Plans

Our meal plans offer the perfect done for you resource to help you stay on track with ease and incorporate the Mitoimmune Method into your life, without you needing to give lots of time to learn how to.  

One full meal plan for each week of the programme, with breakfast, lunch and dinner plans for each week. 

Full lists of groceries required for each week broken down into categories.


Recipe Books for All Meals over the 4 weeks

For all the meals in your 4 week plan there are full recipes with images and simple to navigate instructions to follow to create simple, nutritious foods to nourish your body, immune function and energy levels.

30 recipes covering breakfast, lunch and dinner to easily integrate the MitoImmune Method into your day to day life.

30 simple but nourishing meals to keep you feeling satiated and on track to hit your goals.


Prep Tips Each Week to Save You Time

We wanted to make things as easy for you as possible and we know you are busy so saving you time was our priority. Each week you will find meal prep tips to help you plan ahead, prepare early and find ways to implement with ease.

Weekly prep tips to help you implement the plan and integrate it into your daily life with ease.

Weekly time saving, plan ahead, prep tips.


Weekly Shopping Lists

We know you don’t have tonnes of time on your hands and you want to be able to carry on with your life while also looking after your health, so we’ve made it really easy with our weekly shopping list that cover all your recipes.

A weekly shopping list to take to the supermarket with you, so that you can get your weekly food shop done in one go. 

Shopping list broken down into categories to help you quickly navigate the supermarket.


Bonus Detoxification Support

Detoxifying your body is not just about your diet, it’s about making the right lifestyle choices to support prevention of toxin build up in the first place. With our guides you can learn how to make those choices and fit them into your lifestyle. 

Learn to understand your body and the detoxification pathways. 

Lifestyle guides to help you make informed decisions around cookware, plastics, pesticides and chemicals to support your pathways.


7 Bonus Guides to Support Your Journey

We love to spoil you so we’ve included 7 amazing bonuses worth £320 in with this programme. Gain more insights into staying healthy and how to support your body while on your journey to Goode Health.

Tools to help you keep track your health goals, build balanced plates and make positive food choices. Plus lifestyle support for detoxification.

Support to help you beat cravings and build a positive mindset around healthy eating.


IT´S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3…

First Step: Purchase the Plan

Purchase the 4 week done for you plan now by clicking the button below for just £111.

Second Step: Get Instant Access

Get instant access to the portal as soon as you purchase so that you can get started straight away.


Third Step: Support Your Body

Follow the plan for the next 4 weeks and support your body to optimise and energise your health.

You’re in the right place if:

You want to start working on your health today. 

You want to clear your body and get your bodies pathways moving with flow to increase your energy, see radiance in your skin and hair and support weight loss, metabolic function and cellular health.

You know you need to prioritise your health, but are short on time and want ‘done for you’ plans that are easy to follow. 

You want science-led wellness plans that get proven results and create transformations.

You’re in the wrong place if:

You are not ready to support your health and implement a new plan.

You don’t need to detoxify and cleanse your body by getting your key detoxification pathways working optimally.

You don’t believe in a holistic approach, or the benefits of food as medicine and nutritional therapy for your health.  

You want one-to-one support and guidance. If you want to work with me one-to-one have a look at our group programme or bespoke services under clinic.

Let’s make your goals a reality with ease, joy and flow



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Get the MitoImmune 4 Week Plan now for just £111, or get all 3 of our done for you plans and only pay for two!


“I feel better than I did in my 30’s”

I would have gone on thinking I was ok, but I now realise I was putting up with less energy and brain fog and putting it down to age. Nicole taught me that I don’t have to accept these symptoms as a given and gave me the tools to heal and optimise my health. I had imbalances going on that I didn’t even now were happening and I dread to think where they would have got to if they had of been left.

Lisa Evans


“The best time to start these things is now.”

Not only are my main symptoms under control, but a whole host of other symptoms (which I hadn’t realised were not normal) cleared up too. I have an entirely new attitude to my diet and lifestyle and am feeling a lot more hopeful  – exactly what I never found with conventional medicine.

Eve Bottomley

Financial Consultant

I now feel more positive and confident that there are things I can do that can make a difference.

It felt very tailored and was not a “one size fits all” approach. To me, one of the most important factors in working with someone in this context is that they are kind.


Naomi Bellingham

Legal Editor









Hey I’m Nicole.

Functional Medicine Practitioner
Registered Nutritional Therapist BANT CNHC
Registered Nutritionist BANT
Podcast Host – The Goode Health Podcast
Media Contributor – Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Thrive Global
Tatler Approved Nutritionist
Founder of The Goode Health Clinic – WINNER Best Functional Medicine Clinic UK 2023 

Nicole is one of the UK’s leading voices on immune health and optimal health, a specialist in autoimmune diseases, further specialised into thyroid, brain and fatigue conditions and optimising health for ambitious high achiever’s. Providing bespoke, personalised functional medicine programmes for clients worldwide.


And we haven’t even talked about the bonuses yet!


Join today & get 7 bonuses for free!

Get these 7 bonus guides to help you on your journey valued at £320:

Goode Health Diary to Wellness

12 month diary to help you stay on track thorugh your health journey. 

Nutrition Macro Guide

Know your proteins, fats and carbs.

Build a Balanced Plate Guide

Learn how to build your own balanced plates to best support your immune health and energy.

Health vs Highly Processed Foods Guide

Know the difference and learn how to spot added ingredients you don’t want in your diet. 

How to Crush Cravings

Beat those sugar cravings to help you hit your goals.

Guide to Support your Detoxification Pathways

Help your body to release toxins naturally.

Positive Mindset Guide

It’s not all about your body, sometimes it’s about supporting your mind.


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The Detoxification Support 4 Week Plan. 

Done for You 4 Week Programme. Total Worth £1,200 plus £320 worth of bonuses all for just £111 today.

Detoxification support

4 weeks of meal plans

4 weeks of shopping lists

4 weeks of prep tips to save you time

30 recipes included

Understand the science, the method and the benefits of the MitoImmune way.

Understand the detoxification pathways, your liver and more.

Bonus: 7 guides to support your journey

Upgrade: £333

Get All 3 Plans and Save

Get access to all 3 of our Done for You plans today and save by getting one FREE.

Energy (Mito), Immune, Gut & Detoxification support

12 weeks of meal plans

12 weeks of shopping lists

12 weeks of prep tips to save you time

2 weeks of Gut Healing Plan

Giving a total 14 week Programme

Over 90 recipes included 

Understand the science, the method and the benefits of the MitoImmune way.

Understand the detoxification pathways, your liver and more.

Bonus: 14 guides to support your journey

Upgrade: £555

Add a Supplement Programme & One-to-One 

Get access to the 4 week MitoImmune Detoxification Support Plan plus a 4 week intensive detoxification supplement programme and one-to-one with Nicole.

Everything in The MitoImmune 4 Week Plan


A 4 week intensive detoxification supplement protocol to run alongside the MitoImmune 4 Week Plan

All the supplements in the protocol included in the price and shipped to your home

A one-to-one with Nicole to check supplement safety and advise you on your bespoke detoxification supplementation plan