Why am I still suffering with thyroid symptoms while on medication?

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Maybe people ask me why have a I got thyroid symptoms while on medication. I did a brief post on this on Instagram and lots of people sent me a direct message from it. It’s amazing how few people know, or understand, this information about thyroid issues. Their own thyroid issues, these were all from people who had been diagnosed with a thyroid disease.

So, I know that not all of you who read the blog are on Instagram so I wanted to share this information.

The BIG issue here is that the standard care for thyroid disease doesn’t test the person to find out whether their thyroid issue is based on an autoimmune mechanism. Even though studies have been done that show that 95-98% of people diagnosed with hypothyroidism have got an autoimmune mechanism to them. That’s an enormously high percentage of people. But not only are they not tested for an autoimmune mechanism; they are even made aware that autoimmunity may be the issue.

This means that even if people do want to help themselves, they can’t because they don’t have the right information.

I mean at rates of 95-98% it’s almost worth telling everyone they have autoimmunity!

At the very least they should know how common it is.


Because the reason they are still getting symptoms despite medication is simple. They are treating the thyroid with the medication, but they are not treating the autoimmunity. So, things keep getting worse.

In fact, the standard model of care confirms this. People with thyroid disease usually go back once a year to have their levels checked. If things have got worse, they up your meds. So basically, they are waiting for things to get worse. Why? Because they know they will.

So, what is the alternative?

Deal with your autoimmunity!

Don’t wait for things to get worse. Why would you deal with half a problem? If a bulb goes in a lamp, do you remove the bulb but not bother to replace it? Of course, not dealing with half. problem doesn’t fix the issue.

People who messaged me asked…

  1. Can you test for the autoimmunity? Yes
  2. Can you do something about it if you find I have autoimmunity? Yes
  3. If I work on the autoimmunity as well as the thyroid, will I help slow down damage to my thyroid? Yes

Are you seeing a pattern?

Always with any condition think about whether autoimmunity could be at play and then work on the autoimmunity.

If you are not sure if a condition you have is autoimmune feel free to drop me a message to find out. Use the chat box on the website.

Ready to work on your thyroid….

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